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Aaron Funk is a Canadian electronic musician who rose to prominence after releasing albums like ‘Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole’ and ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született’. He, like many other celebrities, had a humble start. Aaron Funk used to record ambient noises on his tape recorders as a teenager and experimented with them. Later in life, he believed that such musical experimentation throughout his adolescence altered his life for the better and was one of the main reasons for his success. Later on, he caught the notice of renowned British artist Mike Paradinas, who offered Funk a contract with his record label. Aaron Funk recorded numerous albums in the 2000s that were well-received and elevated him to the level of a legend. One of his most famous and financially successful pieces, ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született,’ was inspired by a wonderful vacation to Hungary. The songs from this critically lauded album went on to become chart-topping hits, as well as helping Aaron Funk gain critical acclaim. Despite the fact that Funk has kept a low profile these days, some of his recordings from a decade ago remain popular among music fans today.

Childhood and Adolescence

Aaron Funk was born on January 11, 1975, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When his mother was pregnant with Funk, she was said to be listening to Tubular Bells. Many believe that the young man’s talent was inherited from his mother.

He began his trip while he was just a teenager, in 1992. He used to employ Cassette tape recorders, often known as ‘Ghetto Blasters,’ to capture a variety of noises. Funk liked to make noises by slamming trash cans and other things together, then recording them on his tape recorders.

The aspiring musician would then combine all of these sounds to create entirely new rhythms. He later claimed that the tests had drastically changed his life.

Aaron Funk eventually got his hands on a ‘Amiga 500’ computer, which greatly aided his musical experimentation. He composed numerous tunes with the use of a sound management program called ‘OctaMED.’
Funk came up with the concept for a new name while working on one of his tracks. As a result, many of his supporters refer to him as “Venetian Snares.”

Career of Aaron Funk

Aaron Funk’s potential was noticed by Mike Paradinas, a well-known English musician who chance to hear the youngster’s tune ‘Greg Hates Car Culture.’ Funk soon began working with Paradinas’ record label, ‘Palent Mu,’ on a number of projects.

Aaron Funk’s career saw a lot of ups and downs in 2001. During this time, he released three albums: ‘Making Orange Things,’ ‘Defluxion,’ and ‘Songs About My Cats.’ In the same year, the Funk released ‘Doll Doll Doll,’ another critically acclaimed album. As a result, his popularity skyrocketed in a matter of months.

In 2002, he received a lot of praise for three of his CDs. These albums, which include ‘Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972–2006,’ ‘2370894,’ and ‘Winter in the Belly of a Snake,’ helped him gain widespread recognition.
Albums like ‘The Chocolate Wheelchair Album,’ ‘Infolepsy EP,’ ‘Find Candace,’ and ‘Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding’ received critical and commercial recognition in 2003-04.

For a few of records, Aaron Funk teamed up with the record company ‘Sublight Records,’ which is situated in his hometown of Winnipeg. ‘Horse and Goat’ and ‘Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole’ are two critically regarded compilations.

Aaron Funk’s most commercially successful album to date is ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született,’ which was released in 2005. He went on to record five more albums between 2006 and 2010, all of which were warmly welcomed by music fans. ‘Detrimentalist’ and ‘Filth’ were two that drew a lot of attention.
In 2010, he made news when he teamed up with John Frusciante, the guitarist of the famed band ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers.’

Aaron Funk hasn’t been in the press much since 2010, because he hasn’t released a new record since then. Aaron Funk announced his next project, ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music,’ in early 2016, and one of the compilation’s tunes was recently released.

Major Projects of Aaron Funk

Aaron Funk’s record ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született’ surely helped him attain international notoriety. The album’s title is Hungarian and loosely translates to ‘Born Under A Bad Star.’ Aaron Funk was inspired to write this album by his memories of his vacation to Hungary. The tracks on this compilation went on to become chart-topping hits.

Achievements & Awards

When his 2005 album, ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született,’ was released, the songs from it went on to become chartbusters. They were even ranked #25 on the ‘Top 25 Albums of 2005’ list.
‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született’ was included in the acclaimed entertainment magazine ‘Tiny Mix Tapes”s selection of 100 favorite albums of the 2000-09 decade.

Personal History and Legacy

Aaron Funk admitted in a candid interview that he had no professional musical training, save from a few piano lessons he learned when he was younger.

Aaron Funk has admitted to painting a negative picture of his hometown of Winnipeg. However, all of these pieces, which were inspired by his youth in the area, were well-received.
Aaron Funk started a fundraiser campaign on the ‘Bandcamp’ platform for independent artists in 2015. He was reportedly in the midst of a severe financial struggle at the time. Fortunately, the effort was a success, and he was able to acquire a substantial sum of money.


Aaron Funk adores cats, and four of them, Chinaski, Fluff Master, Bobo, and Kakarookee, were involved in the making of his CD ‘Songs About My Cats.’
He is credited with reinventing breakcore music and paving the way for musicians like as UndaCova, Xanopticon, Enduser, and Datach’i.

It’s worth noting that, in addition to Venetial Snares, Funk has released albums under the aliases Last Step and Vsnares. He’s also released singles under the identities Ventriloquist Snakes, Last Step, Puff, and Senetian Vnares, which have appeared on collections under the names Ventriloquist Snakes, Last Step, Puff, and Senetian Vnares.