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Aaron Kyro is a competitive skateboarder from the United States and the founder of the website ‘Braille Skateboarding.’ He also owns the same-named ‘YouTube’ channel, which holds skateboarding tutorials spanning from beginner to advanced levels. The channel has over three million subscribers and is the world’s biggest skateboarding channel. Aaron has done a lot to promote the sport in the United States and around the globe. He created a skate park in his hometown, allowing aspiring skateboarders to pursue their passion. Aaron is now supported by a number of prestigious sports companies. This helps him in his goal to spread the joy of skateboarding. Aaron started a one-of-a-kind online skateboarding university in 2017 that provides full-time courses in the sport.

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Aaron Kyro’s Career

Aaron began skating at the age of ten. He grew up in a small community where skateboarding was not very popular. Aaron was inspired to take the sport to a platform that would open many doors for aspiring skateboarders after spending a few years honing his abilities. His first move was to construct a skate park in his hometown. He had to put in a lot of work to raise the funds needed to make his dream a reality.

He eventually got a $ 25,000 grant and built his town’s first skate park. Skating was not particularly popular on social media at the time. To change that, Aaron started a ‘YouTube’ channel called ‘Braille Skateboarding,’ which is entirely devoted to skateboarding. The channel features skateboarding lessons for aspiring skaters. The channel quickly garnered traction and a sizable subscriber base.

The channel has over three million subscribers and is now the biggest skateboarding channel on ‘YouTube.’ However, this was insufficient for Aaron’s task. He felt that the channel was insufficient to encourage young talent in the skateboarding world. The availability of skating necessities was also a problem back then. As a result, Aaron debuted a website with the same name as the channel in 2007.

The website quickly became a one-stop shop for skateboarders, allowing them to discover anything and everything related to the sport. The website offers complimentary tutorials, event updates, sponsorships, and much more to amateur skateboarders. The website features a six-part series called ‘Skateboarding Made Simple,’ which is a comprehensive learning tutorial with classes ranging from beginner to expert levels.

The website also allows skateboarders to promote themselves internationally by allowing them to post videos, tips, and questions. It also functions as a web community, connecting skateboarders from all over the globe. Aaron’s signature merchandise and skating necessities are also available on the website.

Aaron’s attempts to spread the joy of skateboarding around the globe were recognized by ‘Revive Skateboards,’ which provided him with his first major sponsorship. In 2015, he developed the ‘Skate Everything’ series, which featured some of the most difficult skating tricks. Later, he published a similar series called ‘You Make It, We Skate It.’ Both of these series provided hints and tricks for mastering difficult skating moves.

Aaron had started his online skateboarding school, ‘Braille Skate University,’ by the end of 2017. This online school provides skateboarding lessons as well as technical knowledge for beginning one’s own skateboarding channel. Aaron subsequently launched his second ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Braille Army,’ as another platform to support skateboarding worldwide. To date, the channel has over 242 thousand followers.

Aside from the channel, his websites, and his online school, Aaron has several other social-media profiles that have helped to spread skateboarding. He has two ‘Instagram’ pages: one titled ‘braille-skate,’ which is devoted to skateboarding, and another titled ‘braille-skate,’ which is not. Both pages have a sizable amount of followers.

Aaron’s Private Affairs

Aaron Kyro was born in Denver, Colorado on September 10, 1983. He grew up in the tiny Montana town of Red Lodge. Aaron eventually relocated to San Francisco, California. Aaron adheres to Scientology, a distinct set of religious views and practices.

Scientology is the source of his self-esteem and confidence, which have aided him in his skateboarding profession. The Scientology network once featured one of Aaron’s films on their website, in which he explained how the organization helps him stay calm while performing some of the most difficult skateboarding tricks.

Apart from helping to strengthen his work life, Scientology has also helped to strengthen his personal life by introducing him to his wife and fellow Scientologist, Danielle. Aaron and Danielle tied the knot in April 2010. He also started a new skateboarding website the same month. Aaron knows fellow skateboarder and famous “YouTuber” Christopher Chann.

Estimated Net Worth

Aaron is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most famous. Aaron Kyro’s net worth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.