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Actor Aaron William Cameron, better known by his stage name Aaron Phypers, is American. He is well-known for being the spouse of well-liked American actress Denise Richards. Aaron appeared as an actor in the TV docuseries “Air Emergency” and afterwards in the short film “The Leap.” He hasn’t appeared in any other movies or television shows. When Phypers wed ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress Nicollette Sheridian, the media first took notice of him. The couple’s secret marriage was the subject of extensive media speculation, although it did not last long. They eventually made a divorce application. The award-winning American actress Denise Richards and Phypers were next spotted together. That the couple is secretly engaged was suggested by rumors. In September 2018, the couple made the decision to go public with their romance by declaring their engagement. Within a few days, the couple made the decision to get married in Malibu as the next step.

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Career of Aaron Phypers

Aaron Phypers opted to travel to Los Angeles after completing his studies in the arts at California State University with the goal of becoming an actor. His lack of success in landing assignments was due to bad luck. His debut appearance was on the reality TV show “Air Emergency.” Phypers played First Officer Monreal in the 2009 episode titled “Frozen in Flight.” In 2011, he made his subsequent appearance in the short horror-comedy movie “The Leap.” Brett was portrayed by Phypers, who also served as the film’s director. He hasn’t been in any other movies or TV shows after then.

His most recent union with actress Denise Richards made headlines. There are plans for Denise to participate on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and there are rumors that her husband Phypers may possibly feature on the show. Their wedding ceremony was recorded for the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” according to a number of additional reports. more than this, there is no more information available about Phyper’s next work. He keeps a low profile but is active on Instagram under the handle @aaronwilliamcameron, where he frequently shares pictures of his wife and family.

Individual Life of Aaron Phypers

In Los Angeles, Aaron Phypers was born on September 16, 1972. Kyle Phypers, his younger brother, is his name. Nicollette Sheridian, a British actress, and Aaron were wed from December 2015 until August 2018. Aaron was frequently seen dating Denise Richards even before his divorce was officially finalized. In December 2017, they began dating, and they declared their union on Instagram. Denise accepted Aaron’s marriage proposal in September 2018, and they chose to exchange vows the following week. On September 8, 2018, they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on a Malibu beach. Aaron enjoys traveling, motorcycling, and cooking in his own time.

Estimated Net Worth of Aaron Phypers

The estimated net worth of Aaron Phypers is around $1 million.


Motorcycles are Aaron Phypers’ passion, and he now rides an Indian Motorcycle. He and Denise took his motorcycle home after his wedding ceremony.