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Hundreds of men sacrificed their lives to ensure America’s independence from British colonial domination. Abraham Whipple was a renowned American Revolutionary War hero. Whipple, a Rhode Island native, served in the Continental Navy as a revolutionary commander. He made a significant contribution to the achievement of several significant milestones in the history of his country’s revolutionary struggle. His destruction of the British ship ‘HMS Gaspee’ was one of his most spectacular exploits. The Americans were able to seize the Bahamas as a result of this. In just six months, the American ship ‘Game Cock’ managed to capture as many as 23 French ships under his command. Whipple was regarded as one of America’s greatest freedom warriors and one of the best naval leaders. Several US Navy ships have been named after him, including the USS Whipple. In practically every one of Rhode Island’s 39 communities, there is a Whipple Street, Avenue, or Court.

Childhood and Adolescence

Abraham Whipple was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on September 26, 1733, to Noah Whipple Jr., a plantation owner. He had an early interest in exploring the sea because he grew up in a seaside area.

Later In His Life

Whipple was appointed as a merchantman’s captain. He rapidly learned all of the techniques of the trade when it came to navigation and sailing. Whipple also became acquainted with the ‘Northern Harbors,’ a group that greatly aided him during the revolution.

Whipple’s year 1772 was memorable because he assembled a group of roughly 50 individuals from Rhode Island to destroy the British ship ‘HMS Gaspee’ during that time. This was portrayed as a significant effort on America’s part to challenge British domination. The Rhode Island General Assembly appointed Whipple as Commodore of two colony ships in 1775. The ship ‘HMS Rose’ was captured by Whipple’s forces.

In the year 1776, Whipple was assigned to command the ship ‘Columbus,’ which was armed with 24 cannons. During the same year, he was also named captain of the Continental Army. In 1778, Whipple’s ship, the ‘Providence,’ took on British vessels like the ‘HMS Lark,’ and successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Before reaching the motherland, ‘Providence’ was able to obtain guns and other essential battle supplies.

In 1779, Whipple was given the additional responsibility of commanding a fleet of three ships, the ‘Providence,’ ‘Ranger,’ and ‘Queen of France.’ This fleet fought a British convoy, beat the opposing naval forces, and captured treasures worth over a million dollars under Whipple’s command. Whipple fought the British soldiers in Charleston, South Carolina, near the end of 1779.

In 1780, his soldiers succumbed to the opposition’s overwhelming pressures, and he became a prisoner of war. Following his time as a war prisoner, Whipple went on to command two more ships, the ‘General Washington’ and the ‘St. Clair.’

His Major accomplishments

As captain of the ship ‘Game Cock,’ Whipple seized roughly 26 ships of French origin between 1759 and 1760, making it one of the most eventful periods of his career. The ‘Gaspee Affair’ of 1772 is another occurrence for which Whipple is renowned. Under Whipple’s command, the British customs schooner ‘HMS Gaspee,’ which had enforced unjust trading restrictions, was sunk.

Personal History and Legacy

Abraham Whipple married Sarah Hopkins in 1761. John, Catherine, and Mary were the couple’s three children. Catherine, Whipple’s daughter, married Ebenezer Sproat, a colonel in the Continental Army. The Congress granted Abraham Whipple a monthly stipend in recognition of his significant contribution to the accomplishment of American independence. Whipple died in Marietta, Ohio, at the age of 85.

His remains were eventually interred at the Mound Cemetery in the same town. The US Navy named three of its ships in honor of Whipple’s service; all of these ships’ names begin with the letters ‘USS Whipple.’ Most of the streets, avenues, and courts in Rhode Island have been named after Whipple.

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In two works, Abraham Whipple is referenced. One is a horror novel called ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward,’ and the other is a horror novel called ‘The Shunned House,’ which is likewise in the same genre.