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In a country where performers abound, Arkin established a name for himself through his performances over the course of a nearly four-decade career. Arkin began his acting career with a cameo in one of the episodes of the television sitcom ‘Happy Days,’ and has since appeared in dozens of television shows and films. However, he is best known for his television appearances. Throughout his career, Arkin has received numerous honors for his great acting performances. Arkin comes from a family of actors; he is one of three sons of Academy Award-winning actor Alan Arkin. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Arkin is said not to be a big supporter of a certain type of cinema or genre. Aside from acting, Arkin has demonstrated his versatility by dubbing his voice for a few episodes that were broadcast on radio and television. Arkin has even directed episodes of a few television shows. For a few episodes of the series ‘Americans’ and ‘Masters of Sex,’ he wore the director’s hat.

Childhood and Adolescence

Adam Arkin was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 19, 1956, to renowned Hollywood actor Alan Arkin and his wife Jeremy Staffe. Adam is the eldest of three brothers and sisters, Anthony and Mathew Arkin. His two siblings are both actors. Arkin made his acting debut in 1975, when he was barely 20 years old, in a cameo appearance in an episode of the award-winning television sitcom ‘Happy Days.’

Career of Adam

Arkin’s first notable role was in the American television comedy series ‘Busting Loose’ in 1977. Arkin portrayed a young man who finds himself in unusual situations after deciding to live alone, away from his parents. His other notable appearance on television was in the television series ‘The Twilight Zone.’ This science fiction fantasy show, which premiered in 1985 and lasted two seasons, was a hit. Arkin then went on to star in the hit television sitcom ‘Northern Exposure,’ in which he portrayed a short-tempered, barefooted cook named ‘Adam.’ This show ran for five years, from 1990 to 1995, with great popularity.

From 1994 until 2000, Arkin starred in the medical drama series ‘Chicago Hope,’ which aired on television. Dr. Aaron Schutt was played by Arkin in this show. In the television series ‘The West Wing,’ Arkin played the part of Stanley Keyworth, a trauma specialist and psychiatrist, in 1999. Other television shows in which Arkin has appeared as a guest star include ‘Boston Legal,’ ‘Baby Bob,’ ‘Monk,’ ‘Frasier,’ and ‘8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter.’ Arkin is most known for his appearances in the films ‘H20: 20 Years Later’ and ‘Hitch,’ both of which were released in 1998 and 2005.

Arkin has lately become a director. He’s directed episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Boston Legal,’ ‘The Riches,’ ‘The Dirt,’ ‘Ally McBeal,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ and ‘Masters of Sex,’ among others. For episodes like ‘Star Wars: A New Hope,’ ‘The Voyage of the Corps of Discovery,’ and ‘The National Parks,’ Arkin has dubbed his voice. The National Parks series was also nominated for an Emmy.

Major Projects of Adam

Arkin claimed in an interview with an online outlet that he is most known for his part in ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ Arkin played the antagonist ‘Ethan Zobelle’ in this 2009 television series. Arkin’s performance in this part received a lot of praise. Arkin is well known for his role in the hit film ‘Hitch,’ which he starred in in 2005. This film is particularly notable for the starring actor, Will Smith, who is one of Hollywood’s most well-known figures.

Achievements & Awards

Arkin was nominated for a ‘Q Award’ in 1992 for his participation in the television show ‘Northern Exposure.’ The 1997 ‘Emmy Awards’ jury nominated Arkin in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category for his role in the 1994 film ‘Chicago Hope.’ He was also nominated in the same year for the ‘Screen Actors Guild Awards’ in the ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor’ category for the same film. In 1999, Arkin was nominated for a ‘Blockbuster Entertainment Award’ for his performance in ‘Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.’

Arkin got an award in 2002 for his work as a director on the children’s film ‘My Louisiana Sky.’ At the ‘Chicago International Film Festival,’ Arkin received a Children’s Jury Award. In 2002, he was nominated for a ‘Daytime Emmy’ award for the same film. In 2002, Arkin received a nomination for a ‘Directors Guild of America’ award for the film ‘My Louisiana Sky.’ In 2009, Arkin and his co-stars shared third place at the ‘Boston School of Film Critics Awards’ for the film ‘A Serious Man.’

Personal History and Legacy

Arkin married twice in his life. He married Linda initially, with whom he has a daughter named Molly. He later married Phyllis Anne in the year 1999. Arkin and Phyllis have a daughter and a son. In August of 2013, the couple split up. Arkin has a striking similarity to George Clooney, a well-known Hollywood actor. In an interview, Arkin said that a member of the press mistakenly photographed him as Clooney during one of the ‘Emmy’ award ceremonies.

Estimated Net Worth

Adam Arkin has a net worth of $10 million as an actor and director in the United States. He has been in television, cinema, and on stage throughout his career, and is most known for his portrayal as “Aaron Shutt” on Chicago Hope. In 1956, he was born in Brooklyn to actor and director Alan Arkin, and he has been acting professionally for nearly four decades.