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Updated On May 5, 2023
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YouTuber Adam Dahlberg enjoys having a good time and spends a lot of time in the euphoric world of Minecraft. He began his career on YouTube as a Let’s Play YouTuber for Runescape. This person has allegedly amassed a legion of followers who play Minecraft according to his instructions and are his so-called “recruits.” The majority of his videos feature gameplay of many game mods that are accessible. Together with other YouTubers, he creates numerous videos as well; the current update frequency is at least one video each day. SkythekidRS is his Minecraft alias, while SkyDoesMinecraft is the name of his YouTube channel. The set prefix “SkyDoes” appears in the majority of his social networking usernames. He typically introduces himself at the beginning of his videos with “Hey folks, Sky here for another…” and ends them with “Anyway guys, I’m Sky and see you later recruit.” Because of him, gold ingots in Minecraft are now frequently referred to as “Budder.” He has admitted that he used his sister’s Runescape account to get the name “Sky.”

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Back in 2011, Adam Dahlberg was simply another YouTube user who enjoyed watching comforting content. He continued to talk about the game while playing through the beta version of it in his debut video, which was a playthrough of Minecraft. Before he began working full-time on YouTube videos, Adam wanted to be a voice actor. He used this talent to advance to the point where his channel had the nineteenth-highest number of subscribers. He finally reached a subscriber base of 1 million after roughly two years. He received a collection of thank-you videos made by his pals, both online and in person. He claims that he launched the channel with the intention of making people laugh and cheer them up, just like he had experienced when browsing YouTube before it all began. The same has been mentioned by him in numerous videos.

Why Adam Dahlberg Is So Unique?

Inside of his effervescent and goofy appearance, which Adam frequently dons to make others’ days better, he is a sensitive and mature person who respects everyone’s emotions. He published a video in November 2016 addressing cyberbullying and how to deal with despair. It was discovered that teenagers and even younger children looked up to Adam, so he made it a goal to appropriately edit anything he uploaded. Moving on to the gaming front, Adam AKA Sky is incredibly inventive when it comes to creating and exploring the limitless universe of Minecraft. Adam makes sure that every piece of Minecraft is amusing and useful by reviewing mods and organizing entertaining brawls among his pals.

Past Fame of Adam Dahlberg

This guy worked hard and pursued his dream of becoming a voice actress while also posting a number of Minecraft gameplay videos. He provides the voice for Kyotaro Azuma, the second protagonist of the anime series “Tokyo ESP.” On Instagram, where he goes by the handle “skydoesstuff,” he has just over a million followers.

Behind The Scenes

Adam’s original father was an alcoholic, and he disclosed this in one of his videos, thus he grew up in a very problematic environment. While his sister frequently had to spend time in rehabilitation, his mother frequently tried to kill herself by abusing painkillers. He joined his current family through adoption. He was first engaged to Rachel AKA Dawnables, a Team Crafted member, and they dated until June 2013. On October 16, 2013, Adam revealed on Twitter that he is bisexual “I feel that this is a fantastic time to come out as bisexual in public after all the homosexual things I’ve seen and made fun of, like Skylox, etc. Come on, haters.” He has a kid named Mason with Alesa Dahlberg, with whom he is currently married. This pair made the YouTube series “Love Craft Survival,” in which they take on challenges that fans submit. Alesa and he may separate, he says in the video he shared on December 15th, but it’s still unclear because they already went through a breakup in the middle of 2014. He was also given a Bulimia Nervosa diagnosis after weighing more than 300 pounds in his adolescence.


Adam had an appearance as “Minecraft Gamer” in Lady Gaga’s music video for “G.U.Y.”

Adam Dahlberg’s Net Worth

Adam is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. According to our research, Adam Dahlberg has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.