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Adam West is an actor who has also lent his voice to a number of animated series. William West Anderson is his true name, while Adam West is his acting name. He discusses in his book, the reason behind assuming the moniker ‘Adam West’. His passion and propensity toward acting and television began during his high school years. He has a six-decade career and is most known for his appearance in the 1960s ABC series Batman and the theatrical feature film that followed it. With Batman, he experienced a brief period of popularity and fortune, but it was cut short when the show was unceremoniously cancelled. He bounced back with other featured films, nevertheless, because to his remarkable talent. West did not have a happy childhood because he witnessed his parents’ divorce when he was a child. His mother had an influence on him to some extent. West, like his mother, struggled with alcoholism before giving up in 1970. Both of them suffered from depression also.

Childhood and Adolescence

Adam West was born in Walla Walla, Washington, to Otto West Anderson and Audrey V. Speer. West’s paternal grandparents, on the other hand, were Swedish. When West was a child, his parents divorced. As a result, he went to Seattle with his mother, where he received his early education at Lakeside School. Whitman College awarded him a Bachelor’s degree in Literature with a minor in Psychology. During his studies, he began working as a radio disc jockey and assisted in the launch of a military television station.

West’s career began in Hawaii in 1955, when he was cast as a sidekick in the children’s show ‘El Kini Popo.’ Despite having a minor role in the show at first, West quickly rose to become the show’s star. With this show, he got fairly popular among children. To make ends meet, West had to undertake odd jobs. He served as an island tour guide in addition to being a member of the children’s entertainment. His initial foray into Hollywood came as a result of an unintentional contact with a Hollywood agent while on one of his guide excursions.

When he first arrived in Hollywood in 1959, he used the moniker “Adam West.” He starred in the film ‘The Young Philadelphians,’ in which he played a little but significant role. Paul Newman also appeared in the film. For the following few years, West’s acting career was limited to supporting roles on both the small and large screens. On the popular and hit TV series ‘The Detectives,’ he had recurring appearances as Sergeant Steve Nelson. Later, he had the opportunity to fly to Italy and star in the film ‘The Relentless Four.’ West rose to prominence as a result of his supporting appearances in films and television shows.

However, it was his portrayal as crime-fighting super-hero Batman in the eponymous TV series in 1966 that gave him his biggest break. West’s propensity to throw wisecracks quickly and spontaneously was a wonderful fit for the role, according to the show’s producers. West also starred in the full-length feature film ‘Batman’ in the same year. However, the TV series ‘Batman’ had to be canceled in 1968 because to mounting costs. West was confined to making guest appearances at local fairs and rodeos after his high-profile role and subsequent popularity. He was also seen in some theatrical films such as ‘The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker’, ‘The Specialist’, ‘Hardcore’, ‘Hooper’ and ‘The Happy Hooker Goes Home’.

Major Projects of Adam

West’s acting in the TV series ‘Batman’ was critically lauded and the popularity of the show snowballed to unprecedented levels making him a household celebrity. West authored his autobiography which was named ‘Back to the Batcave’ in which he discusses the rationale behind taking the name Adam as it sounded and felt best with his middle name West. West’s distinct and distinctive voice enabled him to give his voice to a variety of animated series. ‘Family Guy,’ ‘Meet the Robinsons,’ a Disney film, and ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ are among them. After ‘Batman,’ his work on ‘Family Guy’ was the next best thing that occurred to West professionally. For his role in ‘Family Guy,’ he received a lot of praise.

Achievements and Awards

In 2010, West was honored with a Golden Palm Star on the Walk of Stars in Palm Springs, California.
In 2012, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His stars may be found in front of the Guinness Museum at 6764 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California.

Personal History and Legacy

West’s mother was a gifted vocalist. She struggled with depression and was an alcoholic. She married Dr. Paul Flothow after her divorce from West’s father. When their parents divorced, West and his younger brother moved to Seattle with them. In 1950, West married Billie Lou Yeager. The marriage was short-lived and the pair divorced in 1956. After divorcing his first wife, he married Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson, a gorgeous girl from Tahiti, in 1957. ‘Nga,’ Adam called her. With Nga, Adam had a daughter and a boy. This marriage, too, was short-lived, and they divorced in 1962. In 1970, Adam married Marcelle Lear, with whom he is now happily married.

Estimated Net Worth

Adam West was a $8 million dollar actor from the United States. Adam West was best recognized for his role as Batman in the 1960s television series of the same name. He played the part again several times before retiring, including in the 1966 theatrical feature film. The films “Geronimo,” “Robinson Crusoe on Mars,” and “The Specialist,” as well as the adult cartoon shows “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons,” in which he played fictionalized versions of himself, are among West’s other credits. At the age of 88, Adam West passed away on June 9, 2017.