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A well-known Canadian YouTuber known for her fashion vlogs is Adelaine Morin. Her YouTube account has more than 2 million subscribers. She has produced two channels, each of which has a distinct function. She posts makeup tutorials, shopping hauls, skin and hair care routines, make-up challenges, and other content on her channel of the same name that is primarily designed for fashion and beauty-related topics. The name of her second channel is “Adelaines Camera Roll.” She publishes videos on her daily life, day trips, relationship tags, and story time on this channel. In addition, she frequently offers giveaways in her videos as a way to show her appreciation for her fans and subscribers. Her success on social media earned her the 2013 “NYX Face Award.” Morin is also connected to the well-known lifestyle publication Seventeen.

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YouTube’s Story

Morin was a member of her school’s theatrical club when she was very young, so she became familiar with makeup and dress. She, therefore, had some knowledge of fashion and makeup even before she graduated from high school. She started posting fashion vlogs as a result.

During her time in high school, a group of girls bullied Morin. She then made the decision to use social media to make reputation and popularity in order to surpass all of her critics and to prove to the world that she could succeed in doing so.

She started her first YouTube channel in 2011. She asked her audience what kinds of videos they would like to watch in the vlog that she released as her channel’s first video. Morin showed off a selection of her furious bird toys in her following video.

She demonstrated how to create a lovely ribbon headband in her first DIY video for her audience. She then started making makeup tutorial videos, but not many people watched them. Her makeup lessons significantly improved as a result of her affiliation with the lifestyle publication “Seventeen.”

She won the ‘Beauty Smartie Showdown’ for the magazine in 2012, which was hosted by Shay Mitchell of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fame. For Morin, this ended up being a defining moment in his life. Top cosmetic companies like “NYX,” “Maybelline,” “Victoria’s Secret,” and “Too Faced,” among many others, contacted her after she won the competition.

Morin began including these brands’ products in all of her makeup lessons. Then she began a series called “Get Ready With Me,” which was well-liked by her followers. She was given the “Face Award” by “NYX” in 2013 in recognition of her efforts and hard work. Every year, the honor is granted to those who excel at applying makeup.

When Morin posted tutorials teaching her viewers crucial make-up techniques to seem like celebrities, she advanced her makeup abilities. Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Katniss Everdeen, and many more well-known celebrities were all aped by Morin in her makeup tutorials.

She began posting a lot of unpacking, reviewing, and swatch videos as a result of the financial sponsorships she received from different cosmetics companies. Although she is honest in her product reviews, she uses natural light in her swatch films to make them appear more authentic.

Morin discussed her love experience in a video that she also placed online with her boyfriend. She admitted to her audience how anxious she had been on her first date.

In 2013, Morin launched her second YouTube channel, which she called “Adelaines Camera Roll.” This particular channel was made just for life events. Later, she uploaded all of her trips and unboxing videos to this channel. One of the most popular of her videos on this channel is a vlog about a vacation she took to Disneyland.

On this channel, Morin also shared a video of his encounter with Selena Gomez. Prank and challenge videos like “Bean Booze,” “Boyfriend Does my makeup,” etc. are also available on the channel. On the red carpet of the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, she strolled.

Personal & Family Life

On January 28, 1998, Adelaine Morin was born in Toronto, Canada. Her parents, Bernadette and Randy Morin, raised her. She grew up alongside her sister Celeste and brother Brayden. They both frequently made an appearance in Morin’s videos. Celeste and Adelaine don’t look alike even if they aren’t twins.

Adelaine enjoys riding horses and is eager to train one. When it comes to her daily schedule, she is likewise incredibly structured. She has a tendency to save money and is a tough negotiator whenever she goes shopping.

Adelaine Morin’s Net Worth

Adelaine is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Adelaine Morin’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.