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Actor and social media star Adin Kolansky is well-recognized for his humorous videos. When he first started posting videos on Vine and YouTube, he gained a lot of friends and followers on various social networking sites. The number of subscribers to his own YouTube channel is above 587,000. His Twitter page has amassed more than 222,000 followers, whilst his main Instagram page boasts over 1.1 million followers. In 2016, Adin Kolansky made his screen debut in the comedy short “Nerd with a Secret.” He had roles in two movies in 2018: “Introspective” and “Airplane Mode.”

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Childhood & Career

On December 12, 1995, Adin Kolansky was born in New Jersey, USA. Her parents are Adam and Sherri Kolansky. He and his younger sister, Alissa, grew up in New Jersey. Adin followed his interest in making social media videos after graduating from college. He began by uploading videos to Vine and YouTube. His six-second Vine videos received a lot of views due to their funny content. When he began working with well-known social media influencers like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, George Janko, and Curtis Lepore, his Vine following grew. Meanwhile, he began to see a noticeable increase in the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel. With over 587,000 subscribers and over 15 million views across all of its videos, his self-titled YouTube channel currently has over 15 million views. A few of his channel’s most popular videos are “My Friend Is Possessed by a Demon,” ‘I’m So Done With This,’ ‘Real Ghost Caught On Camera,’ ‘Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed,’ and ‘Hanging Out With Ariana Grande’

On May 20, 2015, Adin Kolansky launched his Twitter page, which presently has more than 222,000 followers. He informs his followers about future events and videos via his Twitter account. He also has a few Instagram accounts, the main one of which is user-verified. He now has over 1.1 million followers on his main Instagram account. He opened up a second official Instagram account in 2018 with the purpose of sharing humorous images and videos. At the moment, this specific account has over 26,000 followers. In addition, he uses other social networking sites, such as Snapchat.

Additional Large Works

“Nerd with a Secret” is the short comedy film that Adin Kolansky directed in 2016. He had an appearance in Anwar Jibawi’s short film, “Having a Tall Girlfriend,” which was written and directed in the same year. November 8, 2016, saw the release of the movie, which also starred Hannah Stocking, Jason Nash, and Andrew Pagana. He was chosen to star in the TV show “Versus” in 2017. On December 20, 2017, he appeared in the episode “Crush Versus Commitment,” in which he played Andy. He co-produced and starred in the feature film “Introspective” in 2018. He also starred in the comedy “Airplane Mode” that same year, alongside Jake Paul and Logan Paul in significant parts.

Private & Family Life

Alissa, Adin Kolansky’s sister, and he are close. She frequently appears in his Instagram postings and YouTube videos. His parents have also made multiple appearances on his YouTube videos. Adin is close friends with Lance Stewart, another popular YouTuber. He and Lance have worked together on several of his videos. He resides in Los Angeles, California, at the moment.

Net worth of Adin Kolansky

The estimated net worth of Adin Kolansky is about $1 million.