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An Indonesian livestock breeder who turned serial killer was Ahmad Suradji. Between the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, he killed over forty women. He also went by the name Nasib Kelewang or Datuk, and he was a sorcerer who used dark magic. He used to perform a ritual where he would bury his victims up to their waists in the earth after strangling them with a cable. Girls and women varying in age from 17 to 40 made up all of his victims. After 11 years of killing, he was finally apprehended in 1997 after bodies were found close to his house on the outskirts of Medan. He was then given an execution sentence by firing squad and put to death in 2008. His three wives were all found guilty as well, and one of them received a death sentence before having it subsequently commuted to life in prison. He had carried out the killings as part of a black magic rite that he thought would enhance his magical abilities. He claimed that in a dream, his deceased father had instructed him to consume the saliva of 70 deceased young women in order to develop his mystic healing abilities.

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Crimes of Ahmad Suradji

After purportedly seeing his dead father in a dream, Ahmad Suradji allegedly went on a murderous rampage. He claims that his father instructed him to carry out a dark magic ritual in order to strengthen his magical abilities. Little is known about his first victims because he wasn’t actually apprehended until the corpse of his last victim was discovered.

Sri Kemala Dewi, a 21-year-old woman who had traveled to him in a tricycle, was his most recent victim. She had given the rickshaw driver advice to remain silent about her stay. Additionally, she never asked to be lifted up. A man discovered her naked, decomposing corpse in a sugarcane field a few days later, and he and some others dug it up. She told the police, and they quickly found out when she had last seen Suradji. Suradji, however, denied having any involvement in the murder.

Suradji was arrested after the police discovered Dewi’s purse, dress, and bracelet in his residence while conducting their inquiry. In the course of the questioning, he admitted to his offenses. He claimed that he had used the same method to murder up to 42 young women. In the sugarcane field where the corpses were interred, more digging was done. Some of them were so horribly decayed that it was impossible to even recognize them.

Suradji admitted to the authorities that he had dreamt of his deceased father in 1986 while being questioned by them. He was instructed to drink the saliva of 70 deceased young ladies by his father’s ghost. He could then practice spiritual healing thanks to this. He started to kill women himself so he could drink their saliva because it would take him a long time to locate 70 dead women.

He was renowned as a sorcerer, and many women sought his counsel for spiritual matters. Then he would drag them to the field of sugarcane and bury them up to their waists there. Then he would strangle them to death, drinking the saliva that dribbled from their lips. Then, close to his home, he ritualistically interred the corpses in a sugarcane plantation. In addition, he said he didn’t hold his father responsible for the killings because he hadn’t explicitly instructed him to do so. For his offenses, Ahmad Suradji was given the death penalty. Finally put to death on July 10, 2008.

Individual Life of Ahmad Suradji

On January 10, 1949, Ahmad Suradji was born in Medan, Indonesia. His three wives, who assisted him in the murders, were all detained. One of them was also given the death penalty, though it was subsequently commuted to life in prison.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Ahmad Suradji is about $1 million.