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The British YouTube gamer Andy Castell goes by the online handle AJ3Fifa. He is best known for posting FIFA videos, particularly Ultimate team squad builders, pack opening challenges, discard pack challenges, myth busters, and other FIFA-related material. He also has a second channel under his own name in addition to his main channel, “AJ3Fifa.” Because he didn’t want to restrict his content to just one game, he changed his social media handle to AJ3 in late 2015. He was discussed on Soccer AM, a British football-focused chat show on Sky Sports, in August 2013. He passed the 100K subscriber mark in 2015, and to honor the achievement, he held a “100k Subs Special Q&A” and gift. He collaborated with his sister on a sibling challenge video in March 2015 after reaching 250k YouTube followers. He was a member of the YouTubers FC team that participated in the inaugural match in February 2017. In July 2017, after his channel hit a million followers, he held a charity live-stream to benefit African youngsters living with HIV.

Become a Star

After witnessing his father play “FIFA 99” on the original PlayStation, AJ3Fifa developed a passion for football in general and the FIFA video game series in particular. He played FIFA games in the evening and dedicated his entire weekends to his Saturday and Sunday league teams during his teenage years. During an absurdly protracted break from school in July 2012, he started a YouTube channel and started producing videos on one of his favorite video games, FIFA 12. After losing his teaching career, he decided to become a full-time YouTuber roughly three years ago. He has never looked back since. His channel developed slowly but gradually.

Work in charity

Following the achievement of one million YouTube subscribers, AJ3Fifa made the decision to do something special and visited Uganda to observe and document the fantastic work carried out by the nonprofit organization TackleAfrica, which educates young Africans about HIV through football. He uploaded the video to his channel the next day, on July 30, 2016, and it received over 220k views. After the video’s success, he declared his desire to host a 12-hour Livestream for his followers in October in order to collect money for the cause. Later, the event was rescheduled for December 20th and its length was shortened to five hours. Numerous other YouTubers and notable guests appeared in the fundraiser stream on his channel, which was broadcast live from YouTube’s brand-new London studios.

World Records for Guinness

Charlie Morley, a football player, and another YouTuber, and AJ3Fifa collaborated to record two videos for two Guinness World Records title challenges during the charity event “Using YouTube for Good.” They first tried to beat the record for “Most consecutive headers of a Swiss ball in 30 seconds (team of two),” which was originally established in 2014 on the set of the Sky TV show “A League of Their Own” by British tennis champion Heather Watson and Dutch football superstar Patrick Kluivert. On their second official effort, they were able to surpass the previous record of 32 and get to 57 heads.

Additionally, they fought with one another to break the previous record for “Most headers of a Swiss ball in 30 seconds.” Morley was able to accomplish 32 heads on his third effort, which Andy was unable to equal. This was in contrast to both of their first two attempts, which both fell short of reaching double digits against the minimum required 30 heads. Later that day, they made additional attempts to break a couple of video game records live on camera. The amount raised by the event, which included 57 pounds apiece from Andy and Charlie in honor of their shared Guinness World Record, was slightly over $5,000.

Individual Life of AJ3Fifa

Andy Castell, also known as AJ3Fifa, was born in Liverpool, England, on February 20, 1993. He detested playing any musical instrument, singing, dancing, acting, and speaking in front of others while he was in school. He received a psychology degree after attending James College, part of the University of York. He spent three years away from home while attending university. He had once removed some of his YouTube videos that he did not want his students to see because he had once wanted to be a teacher. He also worked a few odd jobs, such as a two-year evening job at Tesco, bartending, and contact center work. A few years ago, his father passed away from cancer. On his channel, his sister occasionally makes appearances.

He has been in a relationship with Katie for more than eight years. He resided in the YouTuber Mansion for a year with five other YouTubers until moving in with Katie in a rented home in January 2017.

AJ3Fifa Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is AJ3Fifa. Our examination of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that AJ3Fifa’s net worth is about $1.5 million.