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Within a few months of her birth, reality star Alabama Barker established herself as a celebrity child. She is the child of Travis Barker, a musician, and drummer for the band Blink-182. Model and former Miss USA Shanna Moakler is her mother. Alabama made an appearance on the final episode of MTV’s reality series “Meet the Barkers” in 2006 when she was still a baby. Along with her entire family, she became a reality star as a result of the show, which focused on the Barkers’ daily activities. Even before she started her tenth year of school, she became a social media sensation. With 150K followers, she has a sizable fan base on the photo-sharing website Instagram. She just started a YouTube channel where she shares cosmetic tutorials and Q&A videos. She is a musician and singer as well. Even Alabama contributed to one of the songs on Blink-182’s 2016 album “California.” She plays the piano part during the bridge in the song “She’s Out of Her Mind.” During a Q&A session, she revealed to her audience that she is getting ready to write her own song.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Alabama joined the Barker family and instantly rose to fame after making an appearance on the reality TV program “Meet the Barkers.” Even though she was only a few months old, she became popular right away. Her path to popularity was significantly accelerated by having celebrity parents like Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler as parents.

When they were very little, Travis Barker gave his children their own Instagram accounts. They rapidly attracted a sizable following. Alabama regularly competed with her brother Landon for Instagram followers, narrowly defeating him each time.

Why Alabama Barker Is So Unique?

When Alabama grows up, she wants to be a singer and an actor. She’s also thinking about pursuing a modeling career. She is a skilled drummer and pianist. The young child had the inspiration for including the piano portion when Travis and his bandmates were writing the song “She’s Out of Her Mind.”

Her proposal was not only approved by the pleased father but she was also given credit on the album cover. Alabama admitted to being greatly inspired by Beyoncé and her fans.

Barker’s Past Fame

Children should not use social media, without a doubt. Alabama Barker, who is only ten years old, has endured cruel online harassment. She received criticism for her appearance and way of life from well-known internet personality RiceGum, who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, in June 2016. Alabama’s Instagram page was displayed to his fans in a video that he put on his YouTube channel.

He made note of the fact that Alabama doesn’t act her age, wears too much makeup, poses suggestively, and generally leads a lifestyle that is inappropriate for a child her age. Notably, he even mentioned that Instagram’s minimum age requirement for users is 13 years old.

Soon after he shared the video, his followers inundated Alabama’s Instagram account with derogatory remarks, with some even accusing her parents of being horrible parents. When Travis Barker threatened RiceGum in public by sharing a photo of him on his own Instagram account, things quickly got out of hand. Following suit, Shanna Moakler retaliated against RiceGum on his Twitter account for harassing and mocking her 10-year-old daughter.

In response, RiceGum merely stated that he wasn’t even nasty to her and was merely commenting on what he had observed on her public account. After a while, YouTube removed the original video that RiceGum had uploaded, alleging issues with bullying and privacy.

Shanna Moakler, Alabama’s mother, decided to film a documentary about the issue after becoming determined to stop cyberbullying. She traveled the nation and spoke with school administrators. Alabama said that she simply deletes hateful comments when asked how she handles them.

Behind The Scenes

Born in Alabama on December 24, 2005, The third child of mother Shanna Moakler and the second of father Travis Barker is Luella Barker. Landon Barker, Shanna’s older brother, and Atiana Cecelia de la Hoya, Shanna’s first child with Olympic boxer Oscar de la Hoya, are her older step-sisters. A few months after her birth, in 2006, her parents divorced. They made several attempts to get back together before finally getting divorced in 2008.

Travis and Shanna both put equal effort into raising their kids, though. Travis frequently brings Alabama to music and award shows, and Shanna posts photos of them online for her followers to see. She joins her father on his concert trips as well. She became pals with YouTube sensation Meghan McCarthy during a gathering she went to. Even Meghan had a Q&A session on her YouTube account.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known reality stars is Alabama. According to our research, Alabama Barker has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.


Travis Barker reported that his daughter had foreseen the 2008 plane tragedy, which claimed the lives of four people.