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Alannah Myles is regarded as one of Canada’s most ‘phenomenal’ musicians. Despite struggling for a long time to build a name for herself in the music world, Myles found significant success later in life. Myles had dabbled in modeling and acting when she was younger. Alannah played in a variety of locations before becoming well-known in the Canadian music scene, including nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, and other similar establishments. At the time of its release, her song ‘Black Velvet,’ from an album of the same name, was one of the most widely played on radio. Alannah’s brilliance has been recognized by the jury members of several award ceremonies, who have honored her for her contributions to music time and time again. The ‘Grammy’ was the most coveted prize she received. Myles is well-known for living the bohemian lifestyle. Many believe that her commitment to music is the reason she has remained single. She shares her home with her cat Ariel, whom she considers to be her true love. Read the following biography to learn more about her life and work.

Childhood and Adolescence

On December 25, 1949, in Toronto, this acclaimed singer was born to William Douglas Byles, a well-known name in the Canadian broadcasting sector. Alannah Byles was her given name at the time. Myles was exposed to international music at a young age because she listened to tunes on FM radio stations all the time. At the tender age of nine, this motivated her to write songs. She began playing the guitar two years later.

Alannah began participating in the ‘Kiwanis Music Festival’ when she was just twelve years old, by joining the festival’s song composition group. She began playing at numerous events in Southern Ontario while she was in her early teens, the most of which were solo performances. Christopher Ward, a well-known Canadian musician, was drawn to her potential. Alannah and Christopher joined together to start their own band, performing cover versions of rock and blues tunes.

Career of Alannah Myles

For a few more years, the duo continued to perform together, which helped Myles mature as a musician. This ambitious vocalist sought well-known music producer David Tyson to fund her debut music record while she was in her mid-twenties, along with partner Christopher.

Myles tried with television in addition to music. She had an appearance in an episode of the popular television sitcom ‘The Kids of Degrassi Street,’ which aired in 1984. Alannah’s songs ‘Who Loves You’ and ‘Just One Kiss,’ which she recorded in her early twenties, caught the attention of Bob Reper, the director of Warner Music Canada’s ‘Artists and Repertoire’ department. Bob delivered these tunes to Warner Music’s US branch.

Myles completed her album with the help of music producers Christopher Ward and David Tyson after a brief stint in acting. Her first album, titled ‘Alannah Myles,’ was finally released in 1989. ‘Still Got This Thing,’ ‘Love Is,’ and ‘Black Velvet,’ among other songs from the album, made ripples among music fans and went on to dominate the charts.

This gifted singer published her second album, ‘Rockinghorse,’ in 1992. ‘Our World, Our Times,’ ‘Sonny Say You Will,’ and ‘Song Instead Of A Kiss’ were among the singles from this album, which was released by the legendary label ‘Atlantic Records.’ Even a renowned award was nominated for the record.

The singer’s final work with the label ‘Atlantic Records’ was the album ‘A-lan-nah,’ which was published in 1995. Many people like the album’s songs ‘Family Secret’ and ‘Blow wind, Blow.’ She teamed up with ‘Ark 21,’ a Los Angeles-based music record label, two years later. ‘A Rival’ was her first album with this company. The album’s most famous song was ‘Bad 4 You,’ which went on to become a chart-topper. Alannah worked on this popular tune alongside her contemporaries, Eric Brazilian and Desmond Child.

She performed with members of the rock band ‘Kee Marcello’s K2’ at the Swedish musical event ‘Melodifestivalen’ in 2005. The song ‘We Got It All,’ which they performed, became the focus of local media interest. Alannah returned to the music industry with her fifth album, ‘Black Velvet,’ which was published by the indie label ‘Linus Entertainment’ after a four-year absence. The CDs were released nearly two decades after the radio broadcast. In 2013, this tenacious and skilled musician celebrated 25 years in the music industry. The album ’85bpm’ was released to commemorate the occasion.

Major Projects of Alannah Myles

Alannah has many songs to her credit over the course of her 25-year career, but it is the album ‘Black Velvet’ that has cemented her place in music history. The album’s song ‘Trouble’ was nominated for several music awards. The album’s title tune was chosen to be performed on the Canadian reality show ‘Cover Me Canada.’

Achievements & Awards

In 1991, Myles won the prestigious ‘Grammy Award’ in the category of ‘Best Female Rock Performance’ for the song ‘Black Velvet.’ She also received three awards for her efforts on the same album at the ‘Juno Awards’ ceremony.
The album’s title single, ‘Black Velvet,’ reached number one on multiple countdowns. It was also recognized to be one of the most popular songs from 1989 to 1990. In 2000, Myles received the ‘ASCAP Millionaire Award,’ for songs that had been played at least 5 million times in a decade. She won the ‘Best Song/Alternative Song’ category in the 15th Annual Songwriting Competition.

Personal History and Legacy

Alannah was born into a wealthy and powerful family. She was linked to music producer Christopher Ward, according to reports. The relationship, however, did not survive long, and she is still unmarried now.

Estimated Net Worth

Alannah Myles is a Canadian actress and singer-songwriter with a net worth of $5 million. Alannah Myles was born in December 1958 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She appeared in ads that helped her raise money for her music demo cassettes. Alannah Myles’ self-titled debut studio album was published in 1989 by Atlantic Records.


In 1991, this well-known singer stole the show when she sang the Canadian National Anthem at a ‘All-Star Game’ event in Toronto.