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Alberto Del Rio is the ring name of José Alberto Rodriguez, a Mexican mixed martial artist and professional wrestler. He had two fantastic runs in the WWE, competing against the best wrestlers and won numerous championships. He presently wrestles for ‘Global Force Wrestling’ (GFW) under the ring name Alberto El Patrón on international independent circuits. In the United States, Japan, and Puerto Rico, he has wrestled for the ‘Ring of Honor,’ ‘Asistencia Asesoria y Administración,’ ‘Lucha Underground,’ and several other wrestling promotions. Prior to entering the ‘WWE,’ he performed as a mixed martial artist (MMA) under the name Dos Caras Jr. and as a luchador for ‘Lucha Libre’ wrestling in Mexico and Japan. He is the president of the mixed martial arts promotion ‘Combate Americas’ and has had significant success in the ‘Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre’ (CMLL). Alberto has twice won the ‘WWE Championship’ and ‘WWE World Heavyweight Championship,’ as well as the ‘CMLL World Heavyweight Championship’ and the ‘WWL Heavy Weight Championship.’ He was the only professional wrestler to win both the ‘Royal Rumble’ and the ‘Money in the Bank’ ladder matches in the same year at the ‘WWE,’ making him the only wrestler to do it.

Childhood and Adolescence

Alberto Del Rio was born in San Luis Potosi on May 25, 1977, as José Alberto Rodriguez. In Mexico, his father, Dos Caras, is a well-known luchador, and his uncles, Mil Máscaras and Sicodelico, are also professional wrestlers.
Guillermo, his younger brother, signed a contract with the ‘WWE’ in August 2012 for ‘WWE NXT’ promotions under the ring name Memo Montenegro. His cousins Sicodelico Jr. and Hijo de Sicodelico, both professional wrestlers, are also in his wrestling family.

Alberto graduated from the ‘Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potos’ with a degree in architecture. He began wrestling as a young wrestler and trained under Leonel Kolesni and Juan Fernández in ‘Greco-Roman Wrestling.’
He earned a spot on the national team for ‘Greco-Roman Wrestling,’ and went on to win multiple championships, including third place in the ‘World Junior Championships,’ held in the Czech Republic. He competed in a number of tournaments, including the ‘Central American and Caribbean Games,’ which he won three times in his weight division.

Alberto Del Rio went to his family company and trained with his father to become a professional wrestler after he was unable to compete in the ‘2000 Olympic Games’ owing to a lack of finances. He debuted on May 9, 2000, in ‘Asistencia Asesoriay Administración,’ when he began wrestling under the moniker Dos Caras Jr. (AAA).
Del Rio spent time in Mexico and Japan, where he obtained valuable experience working with the ‘AAA.’ He defeated Pirata Morgan, Sangre Chicana, and El Brazo with the help of professional wrestlers El Gronda and El Hijo Del Solitario.

After defeating Kazunari Murakami in the ‘YUKI-BM-BA-YE’ competition, he became a well-known wrestler in Japan. During 2002 and 2003, he competed for Pro Wrestling ‘Zero1’ as well as ‘All Japan Pro Wrestling’ (AJPW). Until October 2004, he wrestled under the ring names Dos Caras Jr. and Hustle Kamen Gold.

He got a contract with the ‘Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre’ (CMLL) in 2005, where he competed for the ‘CMLL World Heavyweight Championship’ and the ‘CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship.’ Del Rio competed in the La Copa Junior event the next year and defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. He was granted the opportunity to compete for the ‘CMLL World Heavy Weight’ title against Universo 2000. He finally won the title on July 8, 2007, after multiple failed tries.

He first emerged as a villain after getting a contract with ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ (WWE), but he also held the title of ‘CMLL World Heavy Weight Champion’. It was suggested that WWE offer Del Rio a contract to fight in a dark match. In 2009, he was a surprise participant in the Royal Rumble after losing his belt to Ultimo Guerrero. He stayed with CMLL, though, since they gave him a better deal.

In 2009, Del Rio agreed to a three-year contract with ‘WWE,’ in which he kept ownership of his mask, image, and identity. He performed under the aliases Dorado and El Dorado, as well as Alberto Banderas on the ‘Abraham Washington show,’ where he wrestled sans a mask. He competed as Dos Caras at ‘Wrestle Mania’ in April 2010, where he lost an unmasked bout with Christian. He made his televised debut on ‘SmackDown’ on August 20th, defeating Rey Mysterio.

Del Rio defeated the Big Show on November 26th to qualify for the ‘King’ competition in 2010. Del Rio was in a four-way bout with Kane, Edge, and Ray Mysterio in the ‘Tables, Ladders, and Chairs’ match. The ‘TLC’ bout was won by Edge. Alberto Del Rio won the ‘Royal Rumble’ on January 30th, 2011, defeating 39 wrestlers, with Santino Marella being the last to be eliminated. At ‘WrestleMania XVII,’ he earned the chance to compete for the ‘World Heavy Weight Championship.’

At ‘WrestleMania XXVII,’ he was defeated by Edge and lost his shot at the ‘World Heavyweight Championship.’ Del Rio overcame Christian in order to face Edge, but after Edge’s retirement on April 11, 2011, he was forced to combat Christian for the ‘World Heavy Weight Championship.’ Del Rio lost the ‘WWE’ championship to Punk at the ‘Survivor Series’ on November 20; he was rematched with Punk for the same championship on ‘RAW’ on November 28, but was defeated by him again.

On April 2, 2012, he defeated Sheamus, the defending World Heavyweight Champion, in a non-title contest at ‘RAW’. When he defended Ricardo Rodriguez and the announcers from Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, and Jinder Mahal on ‘TLC,’ he became an instant fan favorite. In the absence of Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio was given a match against the Big Show, which ended in a no contest after Sheamus attacked the Big Show. A rematch between the Big Show and Ricardo Rodriguez was scheduled for December 31st, however the encounter ended in a disqualification after Del Rio assaulted the Big Show from behind.

Alberto Del Rio was scheduled to face Jack Swagger in a ‘I quit’ match, which Del Rio won due to Ziggler’s injury. On July 14, 2013, he disqualified Dolph Ziggler in a ‘Money in the Bank’ match. At ‘Summer Slam,’ he successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Christian, but was defeated by John Cena in the ‘pay-per-view’ event. On November 24, he also lost his rematch with Cena at the ‘Survivor Series.’ On January 13, 2014, Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio at ‘RAW’. Batista assaulted Del Rio with a Batista Bomb during a rematch between Del Rio and Rey Mysterio.

Del Rio was fired by WWE management on August 7, 2014, after losing the ‘WWE World Heavyweight Championship’ to John Cena and the ‘United States Championship’ to Sheamus, among other championships.
In 2014, he returned to AAA, where he remained until 2015, challenging several wrestlers, including Ricardo Rodriguez, with his dream team of Myzteziz and Rey Mysterio Jr.

On October 25, 2015, he made a surprise return to WWE in the ‘Hell in a Cell’ event. He won the ‘WWE United States Championship’ after defeating John Cena, but he lost it to Kalisto at the ‘Royal Rumble’ on January 14. On August 16, at SmackDown, Del Rio was defeated by John Cena, and this was his final appearance for ‘WWE.’ Alberto El Patrón was his ring moniker when he began wrestling on independent circuits in 2016.

He made multiple appearances with wrestlers such as Big Damo for the ‘What Culture Pro Wrestling’ (WCPW) promotions. On October 15, 2016, Alberto returned to the ‘World Wrestling Council’ (WWC) and faced Ray Gonzalez in a ‘Jaula de la Muerte’ match. Around the same time, he was named President of the ‘MMA’ promotion.

Achievements & Awards

Alberto Del Rio has won the BLW World Heavyweight Championship, the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship, and the Unified GFW World Heavyweight Championship on three occasions. He has also won the WWE Championship twice, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the WWE United States Championship twice (2 times). In 2011, he was named No. 6 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500’s top 500 singles wrestlers.

Personal Experiences of Alberto

Angela Velkei was Alberto Del Rio’s previous wife. The couple is the parents of three children. In 2016, their marriage ended in divorce. The legal battles for the children’s custody and property are still going on. In October 2016, he married Saraya-Jade Bevis, a fellow professional wrestler. Paige is Saraya’s ring name.
Del Rio was accused of abusing his fiancée in 2017, according to reports. Paige subsequently stated that nothing improper had occurred and that they were on good terms with each other.

Estimated Net Worth

Alberto Del Rio is a professional wrestler from Mexico with a net worth of $6 million dollars. Alberto Del Rio is a WWE Raw signed talent with the ring name. He is the current WWE Champion, in his second reign, and he recently won the 2011 Royal Rumble, defeating 39 other competitors in the largest Royal Rumble match history, as well as 2011 Mr. Money in the Bank (Raw).


Del Rio owns the ‘La Cantinita’ restaurant in San Antonio, Texas.He is a non-vegetarian who eats meat on a daily basis. Del Rio has had medical procedures in order to receive a facelift.