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Alex Hayes is a well-known Australian surfer, YouTuber, and Instagram celebrity. Hayes gained attention after he shared a selfie on Instagram that included a shark. As a result of the post’s viral success, Hayes rose in prominence. Later, however, it was discovered that Hayes was just having fun and the uploaded selfie with the shark was a fake. Additionally, Hayes launched his own YouTube channel, Alexhayessurf, which greatly aided in his growth in popularity. Hayes began uploading a variety of films on his YouTube site. His videos have a variety of subjects, such as an introduction, videos about adventures, and a few with his buddies. Every day, Hayes’ following on YouTube grows more and more. Even though he produced a phony video, Hayes has a sizable fan base across all social networking sites. He is primarily remembered for the blog post he wrote with Shark, which made him a media-talking topic.

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Increased Fame of Alex Hayes

The photograph Alex Hayes took with a shark in the background is what made him famous. He attracted a lot of attention and followers after the picture went viral. At first, Hayes published the image and also blogged about his surfing encounter with the shark. The majority of his followers thought the photograph was real and admired him for taking such a risky photo with the shark. A similar image, though, which showed a shark swimming closer to the surface, appeared on the internet a few days later. In an interview with, Hayes admitted that the photo of the shark he had shared was a fake and that he had been amusing himself at the time. In addition, he added that it was very clear right away that the image was merely a hilarious photo. He also had no idea how widely the photograph would be shared by the general public. The Australian media, which praised Hayes for his gallantry in posing for a photo with the shark, criticized him for deceiving people. Hayes might not be good with sharks, but he is brilliant with Photoshop, according to one media outlet.

Hayes has a sizable social media fan base despite posting a phony picture and being discovered by the media. Videos of his travels and adventures can be found on his YouTube account.

Individual Life of Alex Hayes

On January 28, 1998, Alex Hayes was born in Sydney, Australia. Josh Hayes is the name of his other sibling. His girlfriend in 2016 was YouTube personality, Eva Gutowski.

Estimated Net Worth

The well-known Instagram star Alex Hayes has a net worth of $106 million at the age of 21, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and several online resources. He was a paid Instagram Star, which is how he made his money. He’s an Australian.