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Alex LaBeouf (Alex from Target) is an American social media celebrity who became famous by accident after a stranger shared a picture of him on social media. When he was working as a cashier at a Target store, an unidentified woman took a picture of him and uploaded it online with the statement “letting people know about his amazing looks, just for fun.” Alex’s life was profoundly altered as a result of this bizarre small act. Within a month of publishing his photo to Twitter, he had more than 700,000 followers on the platform. As his popularity grew, Ellen DeGeneres invited him to appear on her talk show, which increased his notoriety. On the program, he discussed his sudden celebrity and how he is coping with it. Even dropping out of school was necessary for him to manage the abrupt change in his routine. In numerous interviews, he has referred to the event as “very overpowering.” As he gained immense popularity on social media, he relaunched his YouTube channel, which had been closed by his manager. He frequently appears alongside his girlfriend in the YouTube videos he posts.

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Ascend to Fame

As a typical adolescent, he was going about his daily activities when, one day, his photo went popular on the internet. He was tapped while working as a part-time cashier at a Target store near his home.

As it turned out, a teenage girl uploaded it on her Twitter account, where it spread like wildfire. People began searching for his social media accounts, which were quickly inundated with follower and friend requests.

Alex became an internet sensation in no time, and when he discovered this, he was surprised. However, when his newfound fame began to interfere with his personal space, he felt he had to take action.

He quit high school and hired a manager to handle the modeling, acting, and singing opportunities he was receiving from various media outlets.

Alex LaBeouf’s Career

Alex LaBeouf has dismissed reports that he will pursue a career in the entertainment industry by stating that he has no interest in acting or performing on stage. There have been countless reports about him starring in movies and television shows, despite his denial.

Alex continued to get hundreds of tweets every day from his supporters, one of which was from Ellen DeGeneres, who invited him to appear on her talk show. Alex enthusiastically accepted the offer, and his decision put him in the spotlight, as Ellen’s show is one of the most popular television programs in all of America.

Alex’s portrayal as a shy and awkward adolescent on the show made him even more popular with women, who thought this quality to be beautiful.

As he did little to maintain it, it is hardly surprising that his fame was brief. After a few months, the buzz that this young man had generated waned and nobody heard from him again. However, he still has a massive fan base throughout his various social media sites.

In 2014, Alex had a YouTube channel. After shutting it down for various reasons, he has relaunched his Vlog-posting channel under the name Alex Lee. On October 14, 2017, he submitted his debut video to the channel, titled “RIP #AlexfromTarget.” The video has received just over 10,000 views.

Occasionally, he cameos in the videos of other prominent YouTube stars.

Personal and Family Aspects

Alex was born on January 21, 1998, in Texas to Marci and Eric Lee. He spent the majority of his life in Texas before relocating to Los Angeles when he got renowned.

Alex’s family is extremely traditionalist and has yet to accept his celebrity status. They are also concerned about his safety, as he frequently receives death threats and hates mail.

Soon after he went to Los Angeles, he met Kelsey Carpenter, a struggling actor. They were both residents in the same building and began dating immediately. Kelsey is frequently featured in Alex’s Instagram videos and photographs.

Interestingly, there was a moment when Alex-gay allegations began to circulate across social media sites. Alex did not give attention to the speculations, but he did announce his relationship status with Kelsey, putting to rest the doubts about his sexual orientation.

Estimated Net Worth

Alex is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube celebrities. According to our investigation, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Alex from Target has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.