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Updated On January 8, 2022
Hollywood, Florida
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Hollywood, Florida

Alex Stokes is an actor and “YouTuber” from the United States. He and his identical twin brother, Alan, co-own the ‘YouTube’ channel ‘Stokes Twins,’ which they developed together. The Stokes twins take great pleasure in making others laugh. The majority of the videos on the channel are comedic in nature. There are also pranks, challenges, and Q&A videos on the channel. Alex, on the other hand, is more well-known on ‘Instagram,’ where his photos with Alan have amassed over a million followers. ‘Sunset Park,’ another ‘YouTube’ channel, features the Stokes twins. Alex and Alan also have a website where they sell their signature merchandize line. The twin brothers have also starred in a few television shows.

Fame on Social Media

Alex and Alan got their start in social media together. They launched the ‘Stokes Twins’ YouTube channel, which include vlogs, life updates, challenges, pranks, and Q&A videos. The channel’s original name was ‘alanalan9635.’ Their charisma and sense of humor drew a large number of viewers to the channel shortly after they began posting videos. The most popular form of video on the channel is a Q&A. To now, the channel has more than 55 thousand members.

Alex and Alan are also members of the ‘Sunset Park’ YouTube community. In partnership with other members of ‘Sunset Park,’ the Stokes brothers have developed various pranks and challenge videos. Alex and Alan took a year off from filming videos since they couldn’t think of anything interesting to talk about.

Alex has over a million followers on ‘Instagram,’ where he posts photographs, selfies, and videos of himself and Alan. Along with other social media stars, the Stokes twins co-founded their own music label and website. The label’s website, ‘,’ is a combination of a blog and an online store with their signature merchandise. Along with skateboarder Ben Azelart, the Stokes brothers attended the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. The trio walked the red carpet without shirts underneath their jackets. The incident became one of the event’s highlights.

In 2018, Alex and Alan made their acting debut. They starred in the science-fiction TV show ‘Brobot’ as well as the family show ‘Afterschooled.’ In both series, Alex played ‘Lukas.’

Personal Experiences

Alex Stokes was born in Hollywood, Florida, on November 23, 1996. Alan, his identical twin brother, is two minutes older than him. The Stokes twins are a half-white, half-Chinese couple. Alex and Alan are currently residing in the Los Angeles area.

Alex has a mole on the right side of his face, which distinguishes him from his identical twin. They were afraid of being separated as children. Alex is excellent friends with Okaymoe and Moe Bradberry, who are both members of ‘Sunset Park.’

Alex is a dog enthusiast. Sheeba, an Alaskan Malamute dog, was the brothers’ childhood pet. Alex is a pizza fanatic. He prefers beaches over mountains. He has a fear of heights. Alex’s celebrity obsessions include Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner.

Estimated Net Worth

Alex Stokes Net worth is around $600,000.