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Russian serial killer Alexander Yuryevich Pichushkin, also known as The Chessboard Killer and the Bista Park Maniac, is thought to have murdered between 50 and 60 persons. Even though Pichushkin had a difficult upbringing, he was once a friendly kid who changed as a result of severe brain damage he sustained at a young age. In addition, he used to experience abuse in school, which only made his mental health worse. Later, when his grandpa realized how smart he was, he taught him how to play chess. He quickly rose to the top of the chess world, regularly beating opponents who were much older than he was. The young child was also having violent urges that drove him to hurt other people. When he was still a student in 1992, he perpetrated his first murder. Over the following ten years, he committed numerous murders while also engaging in a rivalry with Andrei Chikatilo, another serial murderer. He mostly preyed on elderly homeless males, enticing them with free vodka offers. He was convicted of 49 killings and three attempted murders after being apprehended. He received a life term in prison.

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Crimes of Alexander Pichushkin

When he pushed a kid out of the window in 1992, Alexander Pichushkin committed his first murder. Later, he claimed that his first murder was equally unforgettable as his first passion.

Early in the 2000s, he started killing once more. He began murdering individuals in Bittsevsky Park in Moscow. He used to target the elderly and the poor, luring them to his deceased dog’s grave with offers of free vodka to consume. He used to use a hammer to repeatedly strike his victims in the cranium. As a trademark, he would also force a vodka bottle into the gaping hole in their cranium. He frequently threw his victims into sewers while some of them were still living in order to hide the bodies.

He also had younger women and males in mind. Later, he claimed that because he had the power to determine whether or not his victims would survive, killing them made him feel like God. As time passed and his confidence grew, his brutality intensified. He finally abandoned the bodies in the open to be found, and he also left some of his victims with broken vodka bottles protruding from their skulls.

He would murder Marina Moskalyova in the spring of 2006, marking her as his final victim. When a metro ticket was discovered on her body, officials looked through surveillance footage from the Moscow metro system. Together with Pichushkin, she was seen going across the platform.

He was detained on June 16th, 2006, and ultimately found guilty in October of that same year. He was convicted of 49 killings and three murder attempts. He admitted to having murdered eleven more people, though.
For his own safety, he was kept in a glass cage throughout the course of the proceedings. He was given a life sentence with 15 years of solitary detention by Judge Vladimir Usov. He said during his confession, which was broadcast on television, that the need for sustenance for other people was analogous to his own need to kill.

Individual Existence of Alexander Pichushkin

On April 9th, 1974, Alexander Pichushkin was born in Moscow. He grew up without a father figure to mentor him because his parents divorced when he was still quite small. His early years were challenging and turbulent. He had a head accident and brain damage at a young age. He was then moved from a regular school to a school for people with disabilities because he was being harassed there. Later it was discovered that this injury had severely damaged a substantial portion of his brain, causing aggressive tendencies.

Pichushkin had a strong relationship with his maternal grandfather, who welcomed him to the game of chess and appreciated his intelligence. He developed into a superb player and discovered that ruling the chessboard was a good outlet for his aggression. He was deeply saddened by the loss of his adored grandfather, and shortly after, he started acting violently and aggressively toward other people.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Alexander Pichushkin is about $1 million.