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Instagram model and social media personality Alexandra Rose King gained notoriety for sharing lifestyle-focused photos on the platform and for being reported to be Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend. Her fan base has grown to thousands of people in just over two years. She frequently posts pictures on social media that capture the newest styles in fashion, bikinis, and opulent living, attracting a lot of attention. She usually publishes pictures of herself living life to the fullest and flaunting her opulent tastes. All of them have helped her become more and more well-known, but it was her purported relationship with Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback for the “San Francisco 49ers,” that caught the attention of the general public. Jimmy never recognized their connection even after she made it known that they were dating and even shared pictures on Instagram. He even went so far as to remark that she had said something that had completely surprised him. Regardless of the facts, the whole scandal increased the model’s notoriety, and she is still enjoying success in the modeling industry.

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Fame & Career of Alexandra King

Her early career decisions are still a surprise to her supporters because of how recently she rose to prominence in the mainstream media. When she began to upload photos to her Instagram account in 2016, she initially became well-known. She disclosed that she played lacrosse there. Thousands of people noticed her attractiveness and charisma when paired with her seductive attire, and they began to follow her on social media.

Her fame grew even more, resulting in more earnings and brand endorsements. She surprised everyone, though, when she revealed her relationship with Jimmy Garoppolo, the new quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, at the start of 2018. He recently agreed to a record-breaking US$137.5 million five-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers. He became one of the season’s biggest signings with the contract.

There were rumors circulating that Alexandra and Jimmy had dated prior to Jimmy signing a contract with the “49ers.” Even more, according to some insiders, they were spotted together when the NFL player was still with the “New England Patriots.” Adding gasoline to the fire, Alexandra shared a photo of the couple holding hands on her Instagram page on February 15 under the caption “My Valentine.” TMZ and other prominent media outlets also covered the couple’s March 2018 excursion to Disneyland, where they enjoyed a day together.

After that, a number of images of the pair cuddling, kissing, and having fun at the beach appeared in the media. You may even see a few of them in Alexandra’s profile. But after the relationship became public, things started to go wrong. Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t even initially want to comment on it, nor did his social media accounts make any reference to it. He never made it known in the open that he was seeing Alexandra.

Jimmy said that the reported relationship “was news to me” when questioned about it in a subsequent interview. Not that he knew about it. As a result, Alexandra eventually decided to “unfollow” Jimmy on Instagram and deleted all of the pictures that were associated with him from her feed. Following Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury, which ended his 2018 NFL season in September, things took a turn for the worst. Shortly later, Alexandra King posted an image to Instagram that included the term “karma” and a happy emoji.

Regardless of how the relationship turned out, the Instagram model saw the whole thing as a blessing in disguise. Everyone took a great interest in her after she was connected to one of the most attractive NFL players. She has over 26.7k followers on her account, indicating that her popularity is growing. Even though Jimmy had a lot of critical feedback and controversy, she was able to ignore it and carry on with her modeling career.

Individual Life of Alexandra King

On May 27, 1995, in Boston, Massachusetts, Alexandra Rose King was born in the United States parents Martin and Stacey King. Trevor (born 1993) and Timothy (born 1989) are her two older brothers. She completed her education at the University of Massachusetts before attending the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She claimed in 2018 to have dated NFL player Jimmy Garoppolo, but he never acknowledged their relationship.

Net worth of Alexandra King

The estimated net worth of Alexandra King is about $1 million.