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The late Tom Clancy, the best-selling author of espionage and military science novels, was married to Alexandra Marie Llewellyn, an award-winning freelance journalist. Her father was a successful businessman who served as CEO of the Philadelphia-based “Coca-Cola Bottling Company.” Even though he passed away in 2010, he is still remembered as one of the most well-known black businessmen in history. One of the leading lights in the fashion fraternity is Alexandra’s mother. Alexandra has a half-sister from her father’s previous marriage and is the second of her parents’ children. In 1999, Alexandra wed Tom. More than thirty years separated them in age. Alexis was the couple’s kid in a short time. Four stepchildren of Tom’s previous marriage are inherited by Alexandra. 2013 saw Alexandra lose Tom to an unidentified illness. She received a share of Tom’s enormous wealth following his death. These days, Alexandra manages a line of fashion accessories and participates in a number of charitable endeavors.

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Childhood & Schooling

Born in New York, Alexandra was the daughter of J Bruce Llewellyn and Jacqueline Brown. Her father served as head of the overseas private investment corporation, a federal agency, and as chief executive of the Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company. From 1990 until 1994, Alexandra’s mother served as New York City’s assistant fire commissioner.

From her father’s first marriage, Alexandra has a half-sister named Jaylaan Ahmad-Llewellyn. Harvard graduate Jaylaan is the creator of both “Bluhammock Music” and “Bluhorse Clothes.” General Colin Powell of the “United States Army” is the niece of Alexandra.

Alexandra received her business degree from Bradford College. She also rose to the position of “Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company” director.

In 2010, Alexandra’s father passed away. More than $160 million worth of property was left behind by him. Alexandra has always drawn great inspiration from her mother. Before Alexandra started her career in fashion accessories, she worked as a TV reporter.

Life in Marriage

Tom Clancy, the author of multiple best-selling books like “The Hunt for Red October,” “Patriot Games,” and “Every Man a Tiger,” was Alexandra’s husband. In addition, he founded Red Storm Entertainment, a multimedia corporation with its headquarters in North Carolina.
It was in 1997 that Alexandra first laid eyes on Tom. A family acquaintance named Colin Powell introduced her to Tom.

June 26, 1999, saw the marriage of Alexandra and Tom. The “St. Thomas Episcopal Church” served as the venue for the wedding, and the “St. Regis Hotel” in Manhattan served as the reception venue. At the time of their marriage, Alexandra was only 21 years old and Tom was 53. Tom previously wed the eye surgeon Wanda Thomas, with whom he had four children. The union broke down in divorce.

Tom and Alexandra resided in a mansion in Maryland close to the Chesapeake Bay. Later, Tom constructed a vacation house on a piece of Martha’s Vineyard property that he had paid only $1 for in 1999, from Alexandra’s father. Alexandra and Tom were wealthy and well-known, yet they kept a quiet existence. Alexis was their daughter as well.

October 2013, Alexandra became a widow. At the age of 66, Tom passed away in a Baltimore hospital from an unspecified illness. A cardiac condition was eventually identified as the cause of death. Alexandra was devastated at Tom’s death. Despite this, Alexandra displayed great mental fortitude in handling the challenging circumstance. She has a prosperous career presently.

Two-thirds of Tom’s entire wealth passed down to Alexandra, including a 24 room stone mansion, a 535-acre farm on the Chesapeake Bay, various real estate holdings, a 12% ownership position in the “Baltimore Orioles,” and a unique WWII-era “Sherman Tank.” After that, she got into a court dispute about estate taxes with Wanda’s four children who were Tom’s children. The ‘Baltimore City Orphans’ Court’ declared in 2016 that she was exempt from paying the estate taxes.

Life After Tom

“Love, Alex” is the name of Alexandra’s range of fashion accessories. Philanthropy was the primary driving force behind the venture’s conception. Alexandra donates the business’s profits to charitable causes. The brand is well-known for its upscale collection of handbags. Every handbag is carefully chosen in Italy, paying close attention to every little detail.

Alexandra’s mother, who was an assistant buyer for the New York fashion label “Bloomingdale’s,” greatly influenced her decision to launch the fashion accessories company. Her mother coordinated fashion for ‘Famous Barr’ in St. Louis as well.

Net worth of Alexandra Marie Llewellyn

The estimated net worth of Alexandra Marie Llewellyn is about $1 million.

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