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British glamor model Alice Goodwin is a well-known figure in the adult publishing industry. Numerous adult publications, including “Daily Star,” “Maxim,” “Nuts,” and “Zoo Weekly,” have published articles about her. Alice’s well-known voluptuous figure was further accentuated with a breast augmentation procedure. In addition, she has been in other pornographic videos and was voted “Hottest Topless Babe of the Year” by “Zoo Weekly.” Jermaine Pennant, a football player, is married to Alice. Because of rumors about her alleged relationship with football player Cristiano Ronaldo, she was previously in the press.

Birth & Learning

On December 13, 1985, Alice was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Staffordshire, England’s “Newcastle-under-Lyme School” was her school. Later on, Alice attended “Keele University” to study English language and education. She had originally wanted to teach in elementary schools. But fate had other intentions for her. After being found by a talent agency, she quickly started a modeling career.

Career of Alice Goodwin

While Alice was enjoying the sun on Bournemouth Beach, a talent representative from the prestigious British newspaper, “Daily Star,” noticed her. Remarkably, Lucy Pinder, an actor and supermodel, was also found on the same beach. In an interview, Alice disclosed that she never considered a career in modeling. She views her finding on the beach as purely coincidental. At the time, Alice was a university student with one year left to finish her studies. She even intended to become a teacher by enrolling in a post-graduation course. Her lesson plans, nevertheless, were put on hold when the modeling possibilities presented themselves.

‘Daily Star’ included Alice in one of its issues in 2008. She then underwent breast augmentation surgery to accentuate her voluptuous figure. Her breast size grew from 32F to 32FF after surgery.

Alice was highlighted in the British men’s magazine “Zoo Weekly” in 2009. The journal has ceased to exist. Alice won the title of “Hottest Topless Babe of the Year” at the Zoo thanks to her topless photo that was published in the journal. She was also dubbed “World’s Sexiest Teacher” and “England’s Fittest Fan” by “Zoo Weekly.” Alice was also named #1 on the journal’s yearly “Hot 100 List.” She has also done modeling work for Maxim UK and Nuts. Sources claim that Alice’s name is searched 15,000 times on “Google” each month.

Alice has been featured in adult videos on “Elite TV” since April 2010. In 2010, she also made an appearance in her provocative calendar.

Individual Life of Alice Goodwin

Jermaine Pennant, an English football player, is married to Alice. Before becoming married in 2014, they had been dating for a long. Alice and Jermaine had split up in 2012 due to a text exchange. But later on, they had reconciled.

The football player’s flirtations with model Chloe Ayling during their time in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house caused Alice and Jermaine’s relationship to end in 2018. Later, Jermaine and Alice got together for an open discussion with TV host Jeremy Kyle, during which they talked about the regrettable event that almost caused their marriage to fail.

Jermaine was engaged to model Amii Grove and Lara Murphy before to his marriage to Alice. With Lara, he has a son named Trey. When Jermaine was dating Lara, he got to know Alice. Later on, he married Alice, leaving behind Lara and his little son. Actress Jennifer Metcalfe was another woman Jermaine dated.

There were rumors that Alice dated Cristiano Ronaldo, a football player. The rumors were never verified, though.

The net worth of Alice Goodwin

The estimated net worth of Alice Goodwin is about $ 2 million.