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Actor Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife is Alice Kim. Kim worked as a cocktail waitress at Le Prive, a Korean-themed restaurant in Los Angeles, where the pair first met in 2004. They instantly felt a connection, and they made the decision to start dating. Within two months, they made their wedding announcement. Despite the media’s speculation about their relationship due to their over 20-year age gap, Cage chose to move things along by getting married to Kim the same year. In August 2004 in California, they exchanged vows. Kim also appeared in a couple of Nicholas Cage-starring movies, including “Next” and “Grindhouse,” in supporting parts. She frequently went to events with her spouse. She recently made headlines when the couple declared their split. After almost 12 years of marriage, they separated. Kal-el Coppola Cage is the name of the couple’s firstborn. Cage’s third wife and longest marriage was to Alice Kim.

Alice’s Increased Reputation

American citizen Alice Kim is of Korean heritage. She was employed as a waitress at a restaurant with a Korean motif called “Le Prive,” a nightclub. She came to serve Nicholas Cage’s table in the restaurant, and in a fairytale-like turn of events, he fell in love with her straight away. When Kim first encountered Cage in February 2004, she was 20 years old. Within two months of meeting each other, they were engaged because they wanted to move in together as quickly as possible.

The 20-year age gap between the pair worried Alice’s mother, but when she saw how much they cared for one another, she agreed. In August 2004, the pair exchanged vows on a ranch in Northern California. They made the decision to get married sooner than they had intended so that she could accompany him to South Africa for the duration of his “Lord of War” shooting.

Even in movies featuring her husband, like “Next” (2007) and “Grindhouse,” she made cameo appearances (2007). The couple’s age and ethnic differences frequently prompted debate, but Cage ignored these remarks and admitted that he had made a conscious choice to marry outside of his neighborhood and into a different culture.

Since they were together for almost twelve years, she continues to be his longest-lasting companion in his series of relationships. There have been no reports of the rumors that they split up because of Alice’s infidelity because they prefer to keep their private lives out of the public eye. In January 2016, the pair made the decision to end their marriage.

Disputes and scandals

There were some scandals during Alice and Cage’s lengthy partnership. The police detained Cage after witnesses saw him yelling angrily at his wife while intoxicated. A public altercation between Cage and Kim was captured on camera and led to a domestic abuse allegation. The occurrence happened in New Orleans.

Those watching saw him shove Alice during this argument. Although Alice declined to file any charges, comment on the incident, or admit to the attack, Cage was released on bail despite being charged with domestic violence and public intoxication. Finally, the accusations were dismissed.

Alice’s Individual Existence

On December 27, 1983, Alice Kim was born. When she was requested to serve Nicholas Cage’s table while she was a waitress at a Korean restaurant in Los Angeles, the two women first became acquainted. After two months, they got engaged because there were plenty of sparks between them. The couple made the decision to wed the same year, and they eventually did so in August 2004 at an exclusive ranch in Northern California.

On October 3, 2005, they gave birth to their boy Kal-El Coppola Cage. Because Cage is a fan of superheroes, the pair wanted to give their son a unique name, so they chose Superman as the inspiration. They resided in a guarded neighborhood adjacent to Summerlin, Nevada, and the Las Vegas Strip. She and Cage separated in January 2016 after a 12-year marriage.

Estimated Net Worth

Alice Kim Cage has earned a respectable living as an actor. His most current estimate of Alice’s net worth is $5 million USD.


She simply said, “She’s Too Young,” before greeting Cage when they first encountered Alice’s mother, his mother-in-law, referring to her daughter in the new relationship.