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Allthingsnim, commonly known as Nim C, is a Canadian YouTuber and Instagram sensation. Her popular YouTube channel, “Nim C,” features footage of her creating clay charms and do-it-yourself projects. In addition, she manages the channel “Everything Nim,” where she posts entertaining videos, challenges, and unboxings. She also maintains a personal website called “,” where she posts articles about her crafts and do-it-yourself artwork. Nim, who is incredibly talented and imaginative, uses social media to impart her wisdom and experiences to others. She enjoys crafts and the arts, therefore she’s always working to improve her abilities in these areas so she can regularly provide original content for her subscribers. The public likes her do-it-yourself projects. Even for those who are new to the topic, these projects are highly engaging due to their simple methodology. Nim is well-known on other social media sites in addition to his millions of YouTube fans. Among the top DIY vloggers in her country, the Canadian YouTuber is also a humorous and charming person in real life.

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Ascent to Fame

On June 24, 2015, Nim C launched her YouTube channel, “Allthingsnim” (now self-titled). The “DIY Miniature Notebook with Real Pages” was her first do-it-yourself effort. The instruction for “Miniature Nail Polish Bottles” came next. Nim created her ‘DIY Phone Cases | Three Designs Cute & Easy’ video on October 28, 2015, wherein she exhibited the process of creating simple and adorable phone case designs. This DIY effort gained a lot of popularity and had over 2.5 million views. Many people liked and commented on it as well. Inspired by this video’s popularity, the stunning Canadian woman went on to share even more incredible crafts and art pieces.

She released “DIY Mini Notebooks – Four Easy & Cute Designs” in September 2016. Nim gave her audience some fantastic decorating tips for small notebooks with this project. This craft vlog is the most watched on her channel with over 22 million views. It is followed by “Making 25 Amazing DIY Slimes – Four EASY Slime Recipes,” which has also received millions of views. The channel owned by Nim C has amassed over 2.4 million members.

Regarding “Everything Nim,” her second channel, it was introduced on December 19, 2016. It includes unboxing, challenges, and DIY projects. This channel currently has about a million followers.

Another well-known Instagram star who has gained notoriety as a professional do-it-yourself artist is Nim C. In December 2014, she shared her very first Instagram picture. Her “allthingsnim” account now has over a million followers.

Personal & Family Life

On December 16, 1996, Nim C was born in Canada. She hasn’t yet disclosed any information on her personal life on social media. She is a Canadian artist on Instagram, as is fellow social media celebrity Karisma Collins.

Net worth of Allthingsnim

The estimated net worth of Allthingsnim is about $3 million.