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Updated On February 2, 2023
Annapolis, Maryland
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Annapolis, Maryland

Arden Martino, better known as Always Arden, competes for the gymnastics team Coral Girls. Coach Mary Thompson is the head coach of the homeschooling competitive gymnastics team known as The Coral Girls at 1st Class Gymnastics in Annapolis, Maryland. Level 9 gymnast Arden is honing her skills to be the best. She utilizes social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. However,, a lip-syncing app, is where she is most well-known (now known as TikTok). She has more than 410k Instagram followers and 1.3 million TikTok fans. Although she has a YouTube channel called “Always Arden,” she hasn’t yet started uploading videos there. She frequently uploads videos to the family’s “Sakka Pappa” YouTube channel, which is more of a vlogging channel for the family. The first couple of videos on their family’s YouTube channel Sakka Pappa were promoted by Arden on her Instagram account on April 21, 2016.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Early on, Arden Martino took up gymnastics. She did, however, begin competing in gymnastics in the early winter of 2012, at the Unique Classic competition in February. She is presently doing elite training and has attained USAG Level 9. She began participating in first-class gymnastics in 2014. From 2012 to 2014, she also competed with Win-Win Gymnastics. She started homeschooling in 2015 so that she could concentrate on gymnastics. She has a strong following on TikTok and has occasionally been a featured Muser. She once appeared alongside the well-known TikTok celebrity Baby Ariel.

Why Arden Is So Unique?

Arden is renowned for being a terrific friend who never fails to stand by her pals. Other gymnasts who are friends with Arden include the Bratayleys (Annie and Hayley), Simply Liv, Olivia “Via” Crowley, McKenzie “Kenzie” Roman, and Mia The Gymnast, who is a member of the Coral Girls (Mia Dinoto). She frequently works together on YouTube and other social media sites with her friends. She frequently refers to Mia as her best friend and frequently appears on her YouTube channel. Arden is a diligent young woman. She excels in math, and in April 2015 she competed on behalf of her school in the 24 math competitions, where she made it to the semifinals and won a medal. She was wearing the medal when her pleased mother shared a photo of her on social media, noting that it was not a gymnastics medal.

Past Fame of Always Arden

In a recent Instagram post, Arden pleaded with her followers to stop making fun of and tormenting her best friend, Mia. Mia reportedly endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States, which led to several hateful remarks on her social media pages. Everyone has different religious convictions, according to Arden, and Mia can’t even cast a ballot, so what she said is irrelevant. Even more, she made threats to denounce and block all haters.

Behind The Scenes

In Annapolis, Maryland (USA), on February 11, 2005, she was born. Peter and Manelle Martino are her parents. Peter is a businessman and a formerly successful New York attorney. He currently works alongside his wife in the five-generation-old family tea business. In 2007, they jointly established Capital Teas. Manelle serves as the company’s president, and Peter serves as its CEO. Arden’s social media accounts are also handled by Manelle. Willem and Henry are Arden’s younger brothers, and Victoria is his younger sister. Her sister is a gymnast as well.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Always Arden is about $1 million.


Frogs are a noted favorite of Always Arden’s.