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Alycia Tyre is a well-known figure on social media who has amassed a sizable fan base on both her YouTube channel and Instagram page. She is a YouTuber who goes by the handle Sahlt and refers to her audience as the “Sahlt Squad.” Because her content connected with the audience and because of how inspiring and motivating her lifestyle and attitude were, her channel’s videos quickly gained massive popularity. Her primary YouTube channel has more than 500,000 subscribers who follow her comments on beauty, fashion, and reviews. Before the pair parted, her connection with another social media star Klaus Bausch generated a lot of excitement among her followers. Because it involved another well-known vlogger, Yousef Erakat, her subsequent relationship was also in the spotlight. Later in the year, the couple separated. Her celebrity status is further enhanced by the over 1 million followers she has on Instagram. Her posts generally receive a lot of views and comments.

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Alycia’s Increased Fame

Alycia has a number of well-liked social media platforms thanks to her alluring appearance and engaging attitude, but her YouTube channel and Instagram page receive the majority of her followers. She updates these two pages frequently with information about her life and to stay in touch with her subscribers and fans.

She is a well-known celebrity who got her start on YouTube with a few short videos and quickly expanded to become a frequent Instagram user. She has stated that she uses her networks to promote companies she adores as her full-time job. Salt is the name of the YouTube channel she launched in January 2015. Presently, it has more than 350k subscribers and 2 million viewers.

She started out by uploading a number of videos to her channel, most of which focused on makeup and beauty. She gained popularity right away. Her personal life and sense of style most intrigue her viewers. Her topics frequently touch on conversational areas that millennials are interested in discussing, like relationships, anxiety, vacations, and shopping hauls.

She has over 14 tattoos on her body, and videos about her ink and its significance receive more views than others. Following in the footsteps of other social media stars, Alycia Tyre made the decision to be open and sincere in her channel. She has two “Most Honest Q & A?! ” videos that give viewers who were interested details about her life and experiences. She was active on Tumblr before this and frequently responded to her adolescent fans who mainly asked for romance advice.

In addition to her regular posts about relationships, holidays, and makeup, she interacts with her audience by answering their queries in videos. She decided to make sequels to these videos because they have gotten so successful. Her other well-liked videos, in which she talks about her current partner Angelo Napoli, appear to have had the biggest influence on her subscribers.

She enjoys enormous popularity on Instagram as well. She joined Instagram in 2016 and has since posted more than 300 times. She often shares stories about her daily activities and interests and has more than one million followers. Most of her posts show her dressed in high-end clothing. She has stated her wish to continue earning money by endorsing companies she loves through her famous status on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Tyre’s Individual Life

On November 11, 1996, Alycia Tyre was born in California. Russian, French, Irish, and African-American ancestry are among the many heritages that her parents share. This, in Alycia’s opinion, is reflected in her persona. She practices astrology and has an innate faith in it. She has said that the Scorpio star sign best describes her personality. Alycia has been open and honest about her personal life with her fans and subscribers as someone who frequently engages with them.

She stated in one of her videos that she prefers to date older men and that she started dating fairly young. She was dating American YouTuber Yousef Erakat, better known by his screen name FouseyTube, in 2016. Their followers frequently discussed their relationship. They eventually broke up, despite the commotion and steadfast support of their fans.

She had previously been dating fellow Instagram sensation, Klaus Bausch. Before they split, the Instagram celebrity pair enjoyed considerable fame and had devoted fans. She began seeing Angelo Napoli in May 2017 and has made suggestions that she sees them as having a long-term relationship. Also, she stated that this is a distance relationship.

Estimated Net Worth

Tyre’s net worth is thought to be around $3 million. Her lucrative employment as an internet sensation provides the majority of her income.


Her favorite meal is chicken and guacamole. She has admitted that she eats avocado practically daily and that she adores it.