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Portland, Oregon

Aminé is an Oregon-born American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Aminé has chosen a different path with his music than most rappers, who typically feature the “dark” aspects of their lives, such as drugs, women, or violence, in their songs. He is also generally referred to as “a joyous rapper” because of his upbeat lyrics and upbeat music. Midway through the 1990s, after being exposed to Tupac Shakur’s music by his mother, he was motivated to start writing music. In high school, he began rapping and acquired a number of friends who encouraged him to pursue his musical aspirations. Aminé began to gain popularity among her classmates. Aminé gave up everything to pursue a career in music after earning a degree in marketing from “Portland State University.” The music video for Aminé’s debut single, “Caroline,” which he also directed, was released in March 2016. Aminé struck the mark with his debut song, which was among the top 15 songs on the 2017 “Billboard 200.” Aminé’s debut studio album, “Good for You,” was released in July 2017 and quickly became a financial and critical success.

Early Childhood & Life

Adam Aminé Daniel, an Ethiopian immigrant, gave birth to Aminé on April 18, 1994, in Portland, Oregon. His mother worked at a post office, while his father was a teacher. His father had a side job as a translator. Early in the 1990s, his parents immigrated to the US from Ethiopia, settling in Portland, a predominantly white area.

Aminé’s life was first difficult because he was a black child and an immigrant, but his charm and eccentricity made him rapidly get several friends. He nevertheless continued to feel alienated. Although they enjoyed music, the majority of his family’s musical tastes were Ethiopian. At home, they spoke Amharic. Aminé became very interested in Tupac Shakur’s music since his mother occasionally listened to the rapper.

Aminé grew up listening to artists like Kanye West and Michael Jackson. He lists Kanye West’s album “The College Dropout” as one of the songs that most influenced him to start making rap music. When he was in high school, his passion for rapping led him to create his own beats and raps.
He went to the “Benson Polytechnic High School,” where he also made several pals who shared his passion for music. He became well-known as a youngster thanks to the diss records he made during the amusing competition between his high school and others in the area. He received the “Kevin Reilly Award” in high school in 2012 for his demonstrated leadership qualities.

Aminé studied marketing at “Portland State University” after graduating from high school. However, every summer break, his passion for music brought him to New York. He spent the summers doing internships while staying with his aunt in New York. Additionally, he completed an internship with the hip-hop music magazine “Complex” for a few months.

Career of Aminé

In 2013, Aminé began composing his first mixtape. The song’s production was handled by multi-instrumentalist Irvin Mejia and originally titled “Odyssey to Me.” In Portland, the majority of the album was recorded. Later on, Aminé brushed it off as an “amateur attempt with mismatched noises.”

Although the album didn’t get much attention because of poor marketing and promotions, Aminé gained a lot of local fans thanks to its largely passionate and graphic songs. Mac Smiff, a blogger for “We Out Here,” was one of these admirers. He was a well-known author who fell in love with Aminé’s music after hearing it. He started using his blogs to advertise Aminé. People started recognizing Aminé gradually.
Motivated by the positive response, Aminé used student loan money to pay for his record to be included on the well-known music website “” For a novice like Aminé, “Odyssey to Me” received 20.000 downloads by the middle of 2014.

Aminé afterward met Justin Lehmann, a renowned New York manager, who worked hard to secure substantial songwriting assignments for him and his friend Josh Hickman. Then, an EP titled “En Vogue” was issued by Aminé and Hickman. Hickman deleted the EP from the internet out of insecurity after seeing Aminé get more involved in the mainstream music industry. He then started a campaign to persuade blogs and followers to follow suit.

Aminé made and released his second mixtape, “Calling Bro,” after splitting from Hickman. For the album, Aminé looked to his Ethiopian travels for inspiration. He mixed Afrofuturist sounds with R&B, electronic, and hip-hop music. Aminé became more well-known as a result of his utilization of traditional African chants and other distinctive African sounds, which greatly attracted fans.

Aminé’s debut track, “Caroline,” which he released in March 2016, became an instant hit and garnered him more popularity than all of his prior endeavors put together. The song’s music video, which Aminé also directed, was made available on “YouTube” on June 1 of that same year. The song had a slow start, reaching the 96th position on the “Billboard 200,” but it quickly rose to the 11th position. The “Recording Industry Association of America” later awarded the song a “three times platinum” certification (RIAA).

The first record company to formally contract with Aminé was “Republic Records,” and the two collaborated on another song, “Baba,” which was released in November 2016. His appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where he sang “Caroline,” further paved the way for his rise to widespread acceptance.

A new track by Aminé, titled “REDMERCEDES,” was released in March 2017 and was influenced by rap music from the early 2000s. His admirers adored this distinctive fusion of contemporary hip-hop and vintage sounds. Early in April, the song’s music video was published, and it quickly became popular. After that, he worked with Kehlani to create the song “Heebiejeebies.” Aminé released another song in June 2017 called “Turf.”

Aminé gradually gained a devoted following. He was known as “a joyous rapper” since he broke every rule in music and kept experimenting with the lyrics and song structure. Aminé eventually revealed his first studio album, “Good for You,” in June 2017. His subsequent release of “Blinds” and “Wedding Crashers” as two singles increased expectations for his debut studio album.

The album was released on July 28 to rave reviews, and it debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at position 31. In the first week following its publication, 13,000 copies were sold. Aminé, riding high on the popularity of his debut album, released another single in October 2017 called “Squeeze.”

Individual Life of Aminé

Aminé says he aspires to work in film direction and design someday and happens to be a big fan of Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino.

Aminé is a fierce opponent of US President Donald Trump, mostly due to his divisive and conservative beliefs on immigrants and people of color.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Aminé is about $1 million.