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Amy Cimorelli is an American singer and guitarist best known for being a part of the singing ensemble “Cimorelli,” which consists entirely of her siblings. The musical trio, which comprises of Amy Cimorelli and her five sisters, became well-known after posting YouTube covers of various well-known songs. They subsequently put out three full-length albums, six extended plays, and won the 2013 Teen Choice Award. Amy has given performances all around the world, including in the Philippines, Canada, South America, and Europe. Amy Cimorelli, who has been given a Turner syndrome diagnosis, is an inspiration to plenty of ladies all over the world. Amy has successfully battled Turner syndrome over the years in order to succeed in the music industry.

Early Childhood & Life

On July 1, 1995, Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli was born in Sacramento, California, in the United States. She was one of Lynne and Michael Cimorelli’s eleven children, the fifth in line. Amy’s siblings, who include five sisters and five brothers, occupied a large portion of her youth. Her parents taught her at home, and she received her diploma in 2013.

From a young age, Amy and her sisters showed a strong interest in music. Amy used to play the guitar and sing along with her sisters while listening to her favorite bands when she was younger. She originally picked up the guitar to play the song “I Miss You” by Miley Cyrus. Amy Cimorelli and her sisters made the decision to start the band “Cimorelli” in 2007.

The career of Amy Cimorelli

In order to launch their musical careers, Amy Cimorelli and her sisters recorded cover versions of well-known songs and posted them on social media sites like YouTube. The band chose to release their first extended play, which included the hit song “Singing My Song,” after receiving a respectable amount of views on YouTube.

Amy and her ten siblings relocated to Southern California in 2010 in order to advance their musical careers. “Cimorelli” signed a deal with “Universal” and released its second extended play, named “CimFam,” after relocating to Southern California. The extended play, which went on sale on iTunes on December 6, 2011, had an original song called “Million Bucks” in addition to five covers of songs by different artists.

A teaser trailer for “Cimorelli’s” next extended play, “Believe It,” was published on December 7, 2012. On December 11, the EP became available in stores including iTunes and Amazon. The EP’s title tune, “Believe It,” also has a music video that was uploaded to the band’s official YouTube channel.

Amy and her sisters made the decision to write four original songs for their upcoming extended play in 2013. The EP, named “Made in America,” reached its highest point in the “Billboard 200 chart” at number 179. The four original songs from the extended play are titled “Whatcha Think About Us,” “The Way We Live,” “Wings” (studio version), and “Made in America” (the title track).

At ‘DigiFest’ 2014, Amy and her sisters had the chance to perform live in front of a large audience. They began by performing in London, then moved on to New York City and Toronto. Due to the June 2014 premiere of the web series “Summer with Cimorelli,” the year 2014 ended up being significant for “Cimorelli.” They also released three singles in the same year, and on October 27, 2014, they unveiled ‘Renegade,’ another extended play. They released ‘Christmas Magic,’ an EP with five acapella songs, on November 24, 2014.

Nine acoustic songs from the mixtape “Hearts on Fire” by “Cimorelli,” which was published in May 2015, were included. The release of the band’s first full-length album in 2016 marked their largest commercial success. The full-length album, titled “Up at Night,” was published on May 17, 2016, and reached its highest point on the “Top Country Albums” chart at number 24. In the end, the record was a hit, selling more than 1,500 copies in the USA in the first week after it was released.

‘Cimorelli’ released its second full-length album on December 20, 2016. The album, titled “Alive,” contained 10 songs that Amy and her sisters wrote and produced. The Cimorelli sisters’ third full-length album, titled “Sad Girls Club,” was published in 2017. The song “Girls Like Me” from the October 27th release “Sad Girls Club” was performed by Amy Cimorelli.

Amy uses social media extensively. Her Twitter feed has over 371,000 followers, compared to her Instagram account’s more than 189,000. She also makes an appearance in intriguing films and music videos that are broadcast on the band’s popular YouTube channel, which has more than 4.2 million subscribers.

Turner Syndrome Ignored

When Amy Cimorelli was only five years old, her growth had already ceased. For the next four years, Amy and her family experienced a great deal of frustration since they were unable to pinpoint the precise reason why Amy’s growth was being hampered. Amy was given Turner syndrome, a condition that affects a female child’s X chromosome when she was nine years old.

Amy had to take growth hormones daily despite having a minor type of the syndrome, in order to give herself a chance to grow. Amy eventually understood that Turner syndrome is just a part of her life and that she needs to embrace that truth in order to battle it after going through a lot of physical and emotional suffering. Amy was able to combat Turner syndrome with a lot of help and support from her mother and the rest of her family. Amy’s height has increased to 4 feet 10 inches as a result.

Recognition & Achievements

Amy Cimorelli has already experienced great success in both her professional and personal lives, from overcoming Turner syndrome to showcasing her musical abilities. ‘The Bieber-Off,’ a music competition that was hosted by Ryan Seacrest, was attended by Amy and her sisters in 2012. The sisters ultimately prevailed in the competition in which they gave a rendition of the well-known Justin Bieber song “Boyfriend.”

The band was nominated in 2012 for the coveted “Teen Choice Award,” which “Cimorelli” won in 2013. The girls took home the prize in the category of “Choice Web Star.” The band was nominated for the “Teen Choice Award” once more in 2014, but they were unsuccessful in winning. Amy’s band was up for the same prize in 2015 in the ‘Choice Music Group: Female’ category.

Individual Life of Amy Cimorelli

Nashville, Tennessee, is where Amy Cimorelli resides at the moment. She is a devoted Catholic who spends a lot of time reading the Bible’s chapters. Amy enjoys writing as well as making music. She runs a few blogs. Amy has written in her blogs about her problems with Turner syndrome and how she has dealt with them. Many people who are coping with Turner syndrome still find encouragement in Amy.

Lisa Cimorelli’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known pop singers is Lisa. According to our research, Lisa Cimorelli has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.