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Amy Pickerill is Meghan Markle’s assistant private secretary and a member of the royal family. Working closely with the Royal Family, she was a senior communications officer. Pickerill has been Meghan Markle’s personal assistant since the royal couple announced their engagement. She first appeared in front of the public while touring Cardiff Castle with the royal family. Amy’s responsibilities have been “long planned” and she has been referred to as Markle’s “New Right-Hand Woman.” She has a long list of responsibilities, from keeping track of Markle’s diary to gathering the presents and flowers the duchess gets while she is out in public. Pickerill might have to travel with the royal couple on future journeys as well as on international excursions. Pickerill had a dazzling career before beginning her job as Markle’s personal assistant. But she has also gained notoriety as a result of her new position and connection to the royal family. She has drawn interest from the paparazzi, who have been photographing her as well. She is constantly by Markle’s side, assisting and directing her.

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Career of Amy Pickerill

Amy Pickerill began her professional career in 2009 after being hired by the HM Treasury. Previously, she managed public relations at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). She then accepted a position at the RBS press office and started working as the head of campaigns. She started working at Ogilvy Public Relations in 2014 after relocating to Manhattan. Her time in Manhattan, however, was brief, and she ultimately made the decision to return to Royal Bank of Scotland. This time, she assumed a new role and was named the head of campaigns and local media.

She quickly became a member of the Regal Family and attained a royal rank. Since September 2016, she had been collaborating closely with Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton. She previously served as a senior communications officer before being given the responsibility of helping Markel. It is thought that the royal family relies heavily on the populace to carry out its obligations. Additionally, they advertised a job on LinkedIn since they were looking for a senior communications officer. The incumbent’s responsibility was to oversee The Royal Foundation’s operations.

Prince Harry decided to employ Pickerill as his fiancée’s personal assistant because Markle is not a member of the Royal Family and is totally unfamiliar with the world of royal engagements. Her primary responsibilities include getting Markle ready to join the royal family. Markle’s days and schedules also need to be planned and organized by Amy Pickerill. She must also gather any gifts, flowers, or other presents offered to Markle during royal engagements. She might also be compelled to travel with Markle and Prince Harry abroad if necessary. She might also manage Markle’s personal schedule, arrange meetings with foreign leaders, accompany the royal couple to international events, and perform other significant tasks.

Individual Life of Amy Pickerill

Amy Pickerill earned a history degree in 2007 from the University of Nottingham. She completed her City University Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism in 2009.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Amy Pickerill is about $1 million.