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Russian model and movie producer Anastasia Shubskaya, currently known as Nastasiya Ovechkina, was born in Moscow. She is also well-known for being married to Russian ice hockey winger Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin, who leads the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Anastasia Glagoleva, who was born in Russia to actress and director Vera Vitalievna Glagoleva, showed an early interest in the entertainment industry. The enviably toned form and stunning features of the drop-dead gorgeous diva made her modeling debut. In some of her mother’s ventures, she has appeared. In 2014, Elle Magazine listed her as one of the “top 10 bachelorettes in Russia.” The diva rose to fame after falling in love with and marrying ice hockey player Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin, who is currently striving to make it big in show business.

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The Career of Anastasia Shubskaya

From a young age, Anastasia was drawn to drama and entertainment. In a few of her mother’s projects, she worked. She had guest appearances in “Ferris Wheel,” “Ka-de-bo,” and “A Woman Wants to Know…” Elle Magazine named her one of the “top 10 bachelorettes in Russia” in 2014. In 2015, she entered the world of modeling. The gorgeous diva quickly became one of Russia’s most well-known models. She has a long history of modeling in Russia, and has appeared in many of the top publications there. Although reports surfaced that the hot model had plastic surgery done on her lips and nose, Anastasia has not addressed these claims to yet.

On Instagram, she has attained a respectable level of popularity. She has posted several of her hot, fashionable, and gorgeous photos on her Instagram account, “nastyashubskaya,” which already has more than 400K followers. She is currently juggling her personal life with her professional endeavors, including her professional modeling jobs and her plans to write, direct, and produce films in Hollywood.

Behind the Scenes

In Switzerland, on November 16, 1993, Kirill Shubskiy and Vera Glagolev had a daughter named Anastasia. ‘Russian Machine Never Breaks,’ a hockey blog, claims (RMNB) Russian businessman with interests in the shipbuilding industry is Anastasia’s father. For a while, he served as Leonid Tyagachev’s counselor. Tyagachev is the head of the Russian Olympic Committee. He is the CEO of Composite Materials and RT-Chemical Technologies. Her mother was a well-known Russian actress and director who worked on movies including “At the End of the World,” “Poor Sasha,” and “Do Not Shoot at White Swans.” Anna and Maria, her two older sisters, are children of her mother’s first marriage to Russian-Soviet-American actor Rodion Nakhapetov. Anastasia and her step-siblings were first raised in Switzerland, but her family eventually moved to Moscow, Russia. In Moscow, she finished her high school education. On August 16, 2017, her mother passed away from cancer in a hospital in Germany.

For around three years, she had a love relationship with businessman Artem Bolshakov. They even got married, but their relationship eventually broke up as a result of their few encounters because of Artem’s protracted stay in the US.

She graduated in 2014 after attending the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. She also participated in a 4-week acting class at the New York Film Academy.

Together with her father, she went to the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. She had her first encounter with renowned Russian ice hockey player Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin there. The young teen had the opportunity to slow dance with Alexander at one of the afterparties. Alexander discovered an image of Anastasia on Instagram in November 2014. Alexander was eager to speak with her and succeeded in obtaining her phone number. Over time, the two formed a close connection that eventually turned into a sexual relationship. Alexander proposed to the diva with an engagement ring in September 2015 after obtaining permission from her parents, and she accepted. He announced his engagement to Anastasia on Instagram on the 11th of that month.

Anastasia and Alexander were wed on August 11, 2016, at the Fourth Wedding Palace in Moscow’s Butyrskaya neighborhood. The couple gave birth to their son on August 18, 2018. In honor of Alexander’s late brother, Sergei Aleksandrovich Ovechkin, was given that name. The pair currently resides in the United States.

Estimated Net Worth of Anastasia Shubskaya

The estimated net worth of Anastasia Shubskaya is around $1 million.