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American social media sensation Anayah Rice is both a dancer and varsity basketball player. She was an aggressive rebounding guard for her high school basketball squad in South Carolina. For her basketball team, the “Southside High Lady Tigers,” Anayah participated in 19 games. She later shifted her focus to social media and is quite active on YouTube and Instagram. The co-owner of a popular “YouTube” channel, Anayah frequently appears in her girlfriend’s vlogs. Despite the fact that Anayah has never explicitly stated her sexual orientation, she has no problem showing her partner her love in public.

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Career of Anayah Rice

Anayah is a skilled basketball player who also has a big following on social media. She was a basketball player in high school. The Southside High School’s under-19 team in Greenville, South Carolina, included Anayah. Anayah is a gifted two-way player who excels as an explosive rebounding guard and with exceptional shot-blocking ability. She is skilled in every facet of the game. To far, she has participated in 19 games, including the “Legacy Charter” games. 2019 will mark Anayah’s graduation.

Anayah’s passion for hip-hop is what sparked her social media career. She made the decision to show off her talent to a larger audience. She started her social media career in March 2017 with “Instagram,” where she published her first image. Eventually, Anayah started sharing content frequently on Instagram. She currently has 564 or more “Instagram” followers. She also has a Twitter account, however it has significantly less followers.

Along with her buddies Azsocute and Queen Chara, Anayah runs a YouTube channel. The ‘Canx34l Gang’ channel primarily features videos of challenges and practical jokes. Anayah, who always wears a tomboyish appearance, was given a makeover by the other two girls in one of the videos on the channel. With over 373 thousand “views” to date, the video “WE TURN NAYAH INTO A GIRL GIRL.. MASCULINE TO FEMININE TRANSFORMATION” is the second-most popular on the channel. With more than 681 thousand “views,” the video titled “D1.NAYAH MEETS BRACEFACELAII FOR THE FIRST TIME/ ATL LIT VLOG” is the most popular on the channel. More than 99 thousand people have subscribed to the channel.

Individual Life of Anayah Rice

On October 1, 2001, Anayah was born in South Carolina. Brace Face Laii, a social media star, is her boyfriend. Brace identifies as a lesbian. Anayah, however, has never made any declarations about her sexual preferences. Brace and Anayah frequently work together to produce videos on Brace’s YouTube channel. They have become social media celebrities due to their shared passion of hip-hop. Brace and Anayah frequently exhibit their affection for one another in their films. They are not afraid to show their love for one another in front of others.

Net worth of Anayah Rice

The estimated net worth of Anayah Rice is about $1 million.