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Austin, Texas
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Austin, Texas

American social media figure Andre Swilley. He became well-known primarily for his amusing (now TikTok) videos. Andre is one of the many aspiring artists who have found a stage thanks to this video-sharing app. Millions of “hearts” on “TikTok” have already been won by his incredible recordings. Andre has accounts on other social media sites as well, but he does not have the same follower base there. He runs a YouTube account where Andre posts his challenges, practical jokes, and other humorous videos. Andre has mainly worked in humor as a budding actor. On his “Vine” account, he has a lot of humorous videos.

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Reputation on social media

Andre developed a strong passion for performing as a child. He had always aspired to work in the leisure sector. Andre made the decision to start with social media after following his interest. He discovered that the video-making and video-sharing app TikTok was the ideal venue for him to display his ability. He started sharing his lip-sync recordings on the account and quickly gained a large following. His videos quickly surpassed the one million watch threshold.

To date, his videos have garnered about 25 million “TikTok” hearts. On “TikTok,” he has more than 3 million followers. Andre has frequently been asked to provide advice on how to become well-known on “TikTok” as a result of his extraordinary success on the app. On his “YouTube” channel, he has posted videos in response to those pleas.

Additionally, Andre has shared a number of film editing tips. He has also uploaded a lot of challenges and joke films. The video section where Andre responds to other “musers'” TikTok videos is the most watched on the channel. He has also uploaded reaction films for his own “TikTok” works.

However, in terms of subscribers, his YouTube page is far behind his TikTok account. The channel has a little over 88 thousand members, but it hasn’t really taken off yet. The same can be said about his other social media profiles. None of his other social media accounts, including his Twitter, Vine, and Instagram accounts, have surpassed one million subscribers.

Despite this, Andre has managed to establish himself as a social media celebrity. Additionally, he owns a brand of goods that he sells on the well-known online store “” In addition to taking part in numerous festivals and performances, he attended his first “Video Convention” in 2017.

Andre’s Individual Existence

On May 16, 1998, Andre Swilley was born in Austin, Texas. His early years were primarily spent in Texas. He has resided in a number of Texan cities. Later, he moved to Galesburg, Illinois, where he attended education for the majority of the time. Both the “Galesburg High School” and the “Rogene Worley Intermediate School” were attended by Andre. At the moment, Andre resides in Los Angeles, California.

Of his parents’ three offspring, Andre was the youngest. His elder sisters are two. Before relocating to Arlington, the Swilley family lived in Dallas and Fort Worth for a while. The musician Drake is a big favorite of Andre’s. He once had an obsession with American vocalist and actor Raven-Symon√©. In addition, he desired a role in a show.

Andre enjoys journeying. He aspires to take a global tour. Florida and Hawaii are two of his best American vacation spots. Although he is currently single, he has a list of traits he is looking for in a partner. He thought his partner ought to be well groomed.

Andre appreciates women who look after themselves. He adores women who have dimples. Andre has the annoying practice of taking long shower sessions. He likes to listen to music while taking a shower.

Estimated Net Worth

Andre Swilley has a $1 million-dollar net wealth as of 2023. He began sharing his comedy and lip-sync videos on Tik-Tok, where he quickly rose to fame.