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Conway, Arkansas
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Conway, Arkansas

American hip-hop musician and performer Andrew Fontenot are from. Through his accounts on various social media platforms, he has lately grown in fame. Fontenot, an Arkansas native, has been greatly inspired by artists like Drake, The Weekend, and PartyNextDoor, and this can be heard in his music. Before launching his YouTube channel in 2012, he had a lengthy career as a rapper. He created a YouNow channel and a Vine account in the following years to increase the exposure of his music. He has worked with numerous other artists who use social media, such as Derek Couture. Both original songs and adaptations are frequently uploaded by Fontenot. He utilizes Instagram and Twitter in addition to YouTube and YouNow to communicate with his followers. On Twitter and Instagram, he has amassed 65 and 56 thousand fans, respectively. He once entered a music video in the Teen Hoot Contest, a worldwide organization with its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, that gives budding singers a stage on which to display their abilities.

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Become a Hero

Early in life, Andrew Fontenot developed a passion for music and singing. He launched his own YouTube account on November 13, 2012, with the intention of making his music available online and gaining popularity through social media. But since then, he hasn’t consistently uploaded new material to the channel.

Fontenot made the decision to use the live-streaming video platforms YouNow and Vine after realizing their potential. When Vine was still a thing, he had developed a devoted following through his six-second hip-hop shows. He has received over 6 million views and 223 thousand followers on YouNow, making him a well-liked user.

He is very busy on TikTok, a Chinese video social networking app that was formerly known as On it, he has 466 thousand hearts and over 30,000 followers. Along with posting excerpts of his own work, he also uploads videos of himself dancing and lip-syncing to music by other performers.

In 2016, Fontenot and friend and fellow social media personality Derek Couture released the song “A Milli Billi Trilli Freestyle,” a remix of the 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa original. Over 300,000 people have listened to Fontenot and Couture’s performance on YouTube. They worked together again on a remake of “By Chance” by Rae Sremmurd. More than 90k people have listened to it on YouTube. The song “Far Alone feat. Jay Ant” by G-Eazy has also been covered by Fontenot.

Both “Pablo” and Couture’s debut original song, “Arrive at the Celebration,” were produced by Fontenot. Their most recent joint effort is the 2017 album ‘Been on It. Along with Couture, Fontenot has collaborated on songs such as “It’s Nothin’,” “Simple,” and “Nights” with BirdieBands, CjD, and Johnny Guazz.

Andrew’s Individual Existence

In a mixed-race household, Andrew Fontenot was born on October 5, 1996, in Conway, Arkansas, in the United States. His two elder siblings are male.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known rappers is Andrew. According to our research, Andrew Fontenot has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.