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Andrew Gregory is a Canadian social media celebrity who rose to prominence due to his relationship with’s Kristen Hancher. Andrew and Kristen have been featured in multiple (now TikTok) videos. They have uploaded numerous videos, including lip-syncing and dance-related footage. In addition, they have appeared in numerous Instagram videos. However, the inadvertently live-streamed video on Instagram made them famous and left them red-faced. The ‘unintentionally’ live-streamed video was their sex recording, which increased their popularity. After the incident, Andrew was able to amass a massive fan base across multiple social media platforms. His Instagram page features numerous photos taken with his fiancée. Due to these endearing pictures, he has over 250,000 Instagram followers.

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Social Media Renown

Andrew never intended to make social media his vocation. But his intentions changed after he began dating one of the most popular TikTok stars, Kristen Hancher. Andrew was greatly influenced by her notoriety and fame, and he eventually followed in her footsteps. He enjoyed the idea of being approached by strangers requesting autographs.

When a young girl battling cancer approached Kristen for a selfie, he was profoundly moved. All of these factors assisted Andrew in making the crucial career choice, after which he began uploading videos on He initially collaborated with Kristen to create dance and lip-sync videos. Andrew’s TikTok (previously known as account progressively rose to prominence, and he became an internet celebrity.

Andrew’s videography skills were put to the test when he subsequently began posting solo videos on Instagram. He was able to gain followers by uploading a variety of videos, including comedy, dance, rap, and lip-sync clips. His favorite TikTok video features him dancing around while donning his mother’s dress!

Andrew’s dominance of the spotlight was made possible by Instagram. In addition to uploading videos, he began posting photographs that he had taken with Kristen. Andrew and Kristen continued to post intimate and objectionable photographs on Instagram despite it being against the rules.

Once, while live-streaming a video, Kristen got into a heated argument with Andrew, which quickly escalated. Eventually, the couple was observed making amends for each other’s errors, and they became intimate. Due to Kristen leaving her camera on, the entire performance was live-streamed.

When the video went viral on the internet, the couple faced humiliation and numerous hateful comments. However, the situation was eventually brought under control. The controversy also elevated Andrew to internet celebrity status.

Andrew is the owner of a YouTube channel that has not yet gained prominence. Additionally, he has appeared in a few videos posted on Kristen’s YouTube channel. They have been featured in numerous challenge videos, tag videos, and question-and-answer videos. All of their videos have respectable views.

Andrew starred in the web series ‘Attaway Appeal,’ produced by ‘One Push Productions.’ Andrew is presently honing his acting skills in preparation for a role on a television program. His intentions for his career also include tours and collaborations, which would increase his popularity substantially.

Andrew’s Personal Facts

Andrew Gregory was born in Toronto, Canada, on October 14, 1999. He seldom discusses his family members. Likewise, little is known about his educational background. Andrew is an avid guitarist. He composes music during his free time. Andrew and Kristen are currently residing together and plan to wed in the near future. Andrew also intends to purchase Kristen a condominium in Los Angeles.

Andrew’s preferred TikTok celebrity is Cash Noguchi. In fact, Noguchi serves as his inspiration. Andrew is addicted to Instagram and delights in reviewing the number of likes his photographs have received.

Estimated Net Worth

Andrew is one of Canada’s wealthiest Instagram celebrities. According to our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Andrew Gregory has a net worth of $5 million.