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Chicago, Illinois

An American actor, director of photography, and developer of online material, Andrew Siwicki. He has worked with numerous other “YouTubers” and “Viners,” including Shane Dawson, Garrett Watts, and Gabbie Hanna. Most of the time, Andrew assists his pals in writing and editing the content for their individual channels. In a handful of the videos, he occasionally plays an actor. Currently, Andrew does not have a YouTube channel of his own. He has more than a million followers on his Instagram profile. In a few TV programs, Andrew has also worked as an actor and a cinematographer.

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Career of Andrew Siwicki

Andrew has always had a passion for making movies and editing them. He interned for a number of reputable businesses before he rose to fame as a social media figure, including “Demi & Cooper Advertising,” “Lily’s Talent Agency,” and “William Morris Endeavor.”

With “Vine,” Andrew launched his social media career. He did not act in them a lot, instead concentrating on writing and editing “Vines”. He also assisted his “Viner” pals in creating videos. After the program was closed, Andrew switched to looking at “YouTube.” He kept assisting his pals in making videos, occasionally appearing in a couple of them. He has worked with numerous social media influencers, including Shane Dawson and Garrett Watts. The most noteworthy of Andrew’s partnerships was with Gabbie Hanna, a well-known novelist, comedian, “YouTuber,” “Viner,” and “Viner.” They quickly gave rise to relationship rumors. Additionally, Megan Batoon, an actor, has reportedly been linked to Andrew.

Additionally, Andrew is very active on Instagram and Snapchat. He has more than a million followers on Instagram thanks to his posts. More than 401k people follow him on Twitter. Despite having such a sizable fan base, Andrew still doesn’t have his own “YouTube” channel. Additionally, Andrew has a SoundCloud account and works as a freelance music producer.

‘Vine’ actor Ricky Montgomery and Andrew are close pals. In the 2016 comedic TV series “Ricky Montgomery’s Vlog,” Andrew and Ricky worked together as cinematographers. He also appeared in the show as a cast member. He then appeared in a few episodes of the comedy series “Shane” as well as the 2018 TV miniseries “The Truth About Tanacon.”

Individual Life of Andrew Siwicki

On August 7, 1992, Andrew was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was a student at “Northern Illinois University” in 2016. Andrew was selected to oversee the men’s and women’s golf programs as the student manager. He also oversaw his school’s men’s basketball squad.

Andrew is a huge music fan. Luke Wieting is a favorite composer of his. The 2009 American thriller “Obsessed” is Andrew’s all-time favorite movie. He enjoys watching “Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco,” a late-night talk program. Andrew enjoys playing video games, and Grand Turismo is his all-time favorite title. He enjoys watching sports as well, particularly basketball and baseball. David Freese is Andrew’s favorite baseball player. He is a fan of the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Andrew Siwicki’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest Instagram stars from the United States is Andrew. According to our research, Andrew Siwicki has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.