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Under the online moniker “TheDragonHat,” Andy Cowley, a British voice actor, YouTube gamer, and Twitch broadcaster, publishes family-friendly films on his channel. He provides voice acting for various media, including video games, TV series, online programs, 2D and 3D animated films, and more. He has already contributed to several video games and cartoons in his relatively brief professional career. In Alientrap Games’ independent video game “Apotheon,” he provided the voices for the villains Phobos and Deimos. He provided the voice acting for the main male protagonist in Theoryform Games’ independent video game “Hazewalker.” Additionally, he provided the voice acting for a fighting character in the Dlala Studios video game “Overruled,” narrated the trailer for Pixel Elephant’s “Rainbow Hero,” and provided the voice for Garen in “League of Legends Machinima’s” solo queue mode. He provided the voices for the characters “Slimey,” “Slimes,” and “Slime King” in the 3D “Terraria: Animated Series.” He also provided the voiceover for Deepsky Records’ “Music Copyright Watermark.” Garroth, Chad, and Jeffory are just a few of the characters he has portrayed from YouTuber Aphmau’s role-playing series “Minecraft Diaries.” Meet Overwatch, Legend of Nine Tails, Pokemon Logic, and Zoolaplex are a few of his most recent works.

Become a Star

Andy Cowley mostly focused on 3D graphics while studying special effects in school. He started doing Stitch impressions from the animated series “Lilo & Stitch” because he was so intrigued by the amazing acting possibilities. On October 10, 2011, he launched his “The Dragon Hat” YouTube account. Four days later, he published his debut video, titled “DragonHat Commentary – The Polynomial: Space of the Music.” Playing games like “Minecraft” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” he had begun as a YouTube player and commentator. After reviewing a few games, he started publishing his reviews. Two of his characters, Pip and Twitch, and their exploits quickly gained enormous acclaim among his followers.

He began a new YouTube series in September 2015 called “My Face,” in which he essentially recorded vlog-style videos to engage with followers and provide them updates on his life.

He signed a cooperation arrangement with Twitch.tv in the middle of 2016, which he told his YouTube subscribers about in a video on July 3. He said that moving forward, he will only be streaming on Twitch because of the agreement, which prevents him from doing so elsewhere. In addition to his 242k YouTube subscribers, he has managed to garner almost 12k Twitch followers. He confirmed the existence of his own merch in a vlog video on July 13, 2016, and for a short period of time, fans in the US and the UK could purchase it through Teespring. Additionally, he sells t-shirts on TeePublic.

He mentioned that he and his fiancée Amy will be “sort of” merging their channels in July 2016, when he expressed his intention to work with other voice actors to gain more exposure. He said that while their respective channels would continue to be active and feature all of the regular content, they would both manage his channel and upload movies to it.

Individual Life of Andy Cowley

On February 5, 1991, Andy Cowley was born in Warwickshire, England. He graduated from the University of Bolton with a B.Sc. Hons. in Special Effects Development. He received private character development training from renowned voice actor Lucien Dodge. Casting director Deven Mack also evaluated his demo reel and offered feedback as he was working.

Love Life of Andy Cowley

Amy, a fellow YouTuber who goes by the online handle “BinOfTrash,” and Andy Cowley are in a relationship. She is a well-known digital animator and illustrator who frequently creates Aphmau fan art. When Amy visited him in January 2016 for the holidays, they collaborated on a ‘unique’ movie in which they tried a variety of American foods. They have been together for more than four or five years, but because she is from Australia and he is from the UK, they have struggled to live and work together. They jointly used the Patreon platform to ask their followers for donations, promising to create unique content like “Drawing a blank” and “Harrowed Past” in exchange.

Finally, he announced in a video on his YouTube channel in July 2017 that her visa had been approved and that she would soon be moving in with him on a two-year work visa. He also disclosed that he had recently come from a trip to her native Australia. Once they can collaborate in the same room without having to worry about different time zones, he thanked his followers for their support and promised more and better quality content. In March 2017, they debuted the new, exclusive “Harrowed Past” 2D and 3D-infused animated Minecraft series, in which he gave the backstories of his characters.

Andy Cowley’s Net Worth

Andy is among the wealthiest and most well-known voice actors. The sources we looked at for this estimate were Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. Andy Cowley’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million.