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Angelo Georgalli is a well-known celebrity chef who has been on the television program ‘The Game Chef.’ With a chef father and a mother who was a “very brilliant cook,” it’s reasonable to assume that cooking was in Georgalli’s blood. He spent most of his childhood observing his father cultivate his own food and slaughter his own meat. This had a profound influence on young Georgalli’s life, teaching him the value of eating food that was organically sourced and organic. Angelo Georgalli has never taken a cookery class before. Whatever he knows about cooking he learned from his parents and his own creative ability to turn any item into a simple but delicious meal. Georgalli’s propensity to think outside the box also worked in his favor. He enjoyed fishing, archery, hunting, and being outside, in addition to cooking. As a result, when Georgalli was approached with the concept of a TV program, he seized the opportunity and united his two big passions (cooking and fishing/hunting) to create ‘The Game Chef.’ The performance, which was broadcast in over 90 countries across the world, made Georgalli an instant sensation. His message of “knowing what you eat” struck a fresh chord with the audience. Georgalli’s mission is to promote healthy eating habits by encouraging home-cooked meals.

Childhood and Adolescence

Angelo Georgalli was born in Glasglow to a chef father and a housewife mother as Arcangelo Georgalli. His father was of Greek-Cypriot ancestry, while his mother was Italian by origin. He was the smallest of the three brothers, yet he was the most adored and spoiled.

The family relocated to Cyprus shortly after his birth. At a beachfront farm, the Georgallis lived a Mediterranean lifestyle. The idyllic life, however, was shattered when Turkey invaded Cyprus. Georgallis’ recognized after six months in the British army camp that they would never be able to reclaim their belongings. They temporarily relocated to Italy before settling in London.

With all of his assets gone and no money in his pocket, Gerogallis began his life in London on a shoestring budget. In Tottenham, they resided in a three-bedroom municipal home. Despite the difficulties, his father, who believed in the importance of fresh fruit, converted the large back yard into a farm. He reared animals in one portion and planted vegetables in the other. This provided the groundwork for Georgalli’s future path in life. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen as a kid.

Angelo Georgalli is dyslexic and dropped out of school when he was 14 years old. Georgalli began working for his cousin’s Greek delicatessen after learning how to cook from his parents. Georgalli’s life was changed forever as a result of the event, which provided her with the required basis for superb cookery. It supplemented his fundamental understanding of various spices and herbs, cereals, and cheeses.

Georgalli went to London at the age of 18 and worked as a busboy and server at Rules, the city’s oldest restaurant. While the Greek delicatessen taught him about ingredients, the London restaurant showed him how to give cuisine personality.

Career of Angelo Georgalli

Angelo Georgalli’s life was transformed when he met his future wife, a New Zealander. The pair eventually relocated in Auckland, where Georgalli launched his first café, after spending time in different areas of the globe. Georgalli’s first café was a tremendous success with New Zealanders, prompting him to create seven other locations around Auckland, including cafes, delicatessens, and restaurants. Georgalli resumed his boyhood pastime of cultivating and farming fresh fruit for daily sustenance in a sprawling 16th-century home in Tuscany, where the family lived for a year.

Georgalli understood when he returned to Auckland that he wasn’t destined to be restricted to the confines of city life. As a result, the family relocated to Wanaka, New Zealand’s South Island. He worked as a cook there for a while before leaving to establish his archery school, a sport he loved.

Georgalli’s life was turned around a second time when he was given a cookery television program. Georgalli’s skill was recognized by a television producer who wanted him to create his own program after seeing him guest appear on one of his shows.

Georgalli, never one to follow the crowd, presented the idea of foraging, hunting, fishing, and preparing wild foods in his own unique approach. The producer easily consented, seeing it as a completely new and unexplored genre in food programs, and so the worldwide successful show ‘The Game Chef’ was born.

‘The Game Chef’ was a brilliant concept made feasible by Wanaka’s untamed setting. Georgalli wants people to come back to the fundamentals of acquiring food locally and seasonally, utilizing organic produce, and preparing it in a healthful, elegant, and tasty manner via the program. Instead of using gas, he utilized wood to bring out the natural flavors.

‘The Game Chef’ broadcast on TV One in New Zealand. The program was split into two halves. While the first portion had Georgalli hunting in the bush with a bow and arrow, the second part saw him using his ‘prize’ to cook simple, innovative, and excellent food.

The program mostly included fish, hog, deer, lamb, and rabbit recipes, as well as salads, sauces, dressings, soups, stews, and side dishes. These simple-to-prepare meals were mostly photographed in the lovely Lake Wanaka area. ‘The Game Chef’ was created to promote a healthy relationship with nature and living off the land. It also instilled in viewers the significance of treating animals, plants, and streams with care.

Angelo Georgalli’s original notion of hunting and cooking revolutionized the culinary world. It became a great success not just nationally but also internally as soon as the first season aired in New Zealand. His program was shown on the prominent National Geographic channel. From November 2016, the program was broadcast in 90 countries as part of the agreement.

Following the huge success of ‘The Game Chef,’ Georgalli is now working on the second season of the program, ‘Angelo’s Wild Kitchen.’ Meanwhile, he has written his own cookbook, ‘The Game Chef,’ which has the same title as his program. Carla Munro, a writer from Wanaka, assisted him with the work since he is dyslexic. Beatnik Publishing in Auckland released ‘The Game Chef.’ It was nominated for the 2016 PANZ Book Design Awards shortly after its publication.

Cardrona Valley Lodge, Georgalli’s most recent property, is being renovated and redecorated. He’s now accepting visitors and concentrating his efforts on growing his catering and hunting businesses.

Personal History and Legacy

Georgalli met his wife when he was 25 years old. They dated for a long period and traveled to Egypt, Mexico, and Thailand together before settling in Auckland. Three children have been born to the couple. Georgalli relocated to Wanaka, New Zealand’s South Island, in 2014. The location encouraged him to return to his roots and promote it via his television program.

Estimated Net Worth

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