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Anisha Padukone is the younger sister of popular Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and the youngest child of Prakash Padukone, the former All-England badminton champion and professional badminton player. She is a professional golfer from India who also claims to be a gourmand and sports enthusiast. Having taken up the sport at the age of twelve, she has represented India internationally and finished in the top ten of the amateur national rankings. She is a strong supporter of mental health and wellness and serves as the director of the Live Love Laugh Foundation, which her sister created in 2015. She revealed her relationship with her older sibling on the second episode of the second season of “BFFs with Vogue,” which aired in August 2018, when she costarred with her sister Deepika as her best friend. She is one of her harshest critics, according to her sister.

Anisha Padukone Ascent to Fame

Anisha Padukone and her elder sister Deepika, who was raised by one of the nation’s top badminton players, received sports training from an early age. By the time Anisha was ten years old, she had made up her mind to pursue a career in athletics, unlike her sister who, like her father, had played badminton, eventually turning to modeling and acting.

She was interested in basketball in her early years and played it at the state level. She also played cricket at the national level. She later shifted her attention to golf, though, and began playing for India in international competitions. Although she has established herself as one of the nation’s top ten amateur golfers, it is no secret that her prominence in sports is frequently eclipsed by her older sister’s status as a Bollywood leading woman. Fortunately, her sister quickly criticized the publication for disparaging her accomplishments as a sportsperson and changed the title to “The” Padukone after “The Bangalore Mirror” published an interview with her that focused on her career accomplishments.

Even though her father was well-known, Anisha first struggled to cope with all the extra attention she was receiving as Deepika Padukone’s sister after Deepika started her career as a Bollywood actor. But because of a good friend, she discovered her perspective and grew more at ease with it. Despite her preference for a more sedate lifestyle than her older sister, she has managed to garner a respectable following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Individual Life of Anisha Padukone

Prakash and Ujjala Padukone welcomed Anisha into the world on February 2, 1991, in Bangalore, India. Her father used to play badminton professionally. The Mysore Badminton Association’s secretary was her paternal grandfather, Ramesh Padukone. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is the older sister of the actress. She went to Sophia High School in Bangalore, just like her sister, and thereafter graduated from Mount Carmel College with a degree in psychology, sociology, and economics. From a young age, she and her older sister engaged in sports and eventually competed. Before deciding to pursue a career in golf, she played badminton, tennis, basketball, cricket, and hockey. She adores Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, and she respects Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal’s tenacity. She lives with her parents in their Bangalore home while she’s not on the road.

Serving as a Mental Health Advocate

Anisha Padukone became interested in mental health because of a very personal experience she had after seeing her older sister struggle with anxiety and depression in the beginning of 2014. During the filming of ‘Happy New Year,’ Deepika, who has been public about her personal struggles, told the media that she was experiencing a “strange emptiness” in her stomach and was having trouble getting out of bed. In a subsequent interview, Anisha said that she felt powerless to end her sister’s suffering since she didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, their mother intervened and made arrangements for her to see a family friend who was a psychotherapist. Anisha experienced depression as well after feeling burdened by her well-known last name and failing to meet the career objectives she had set for herself. Thankfully, she was able to put her own mind at ease and make a difference as the director of the Live Love Laugh Foundation, which her sister founded in 2015. Having experienced mental illness firsthand, she is a fervent supporter of mental health and is committed to improving the lives of others who are depressed and anxious.

Net worth of Anisha Padukone

The estimated net worth of Anisha Padukone is about $1 million.