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American dancer Aniyah Inman rose to fame as a participant in Fox’s 13th season of “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation,” a television dance competition. Originally from Nevada, she moved to California during her early years and grew up there. Possessing natural athletic ability, her goal has always been to become a dancer. Inman trained at KAST Academy, a dancing studio in Elk Grove. She is connected to the ImmaBEAST Dance Company as well. She has participated in the reality television series “Dance Moms” on Lifetime in addition to “So You Think You Can Dance.” She has been taking part in a number of dance competitions in recent years.

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Aniyah Inman Ascent to Notoriety

Following her participation in the reality show “So You Think You Can Dance,” Aniyah Inman rose to fame. The producers of the program decided to try a new approach for the 13th season, where all of the candidates would be between the ages of eight and thirteen when they came in for their auditions. Fox debuted the season, titled “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation,” on May 30, 2016. Previously, on February 27, in Los Angeles, California; on March 11, in Chicago, Illinois; and on March 18, in New York City, New York, the auditions were place.

At the time of the tryouts, Inman was residing in Sacramento, California, and was still 13 years old. She most likely went to Los Angeles for an audition. Romeo Blanco, a student at KAST Academy, also tried out for “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” in addition to Inman. Both of them advanced to the following round with success. Nevertheless, during the audition phase, neither of them was visible on TV.

After placing in the top 50 in the fourth episode, Comfort Fedoke selected Inman and four other competitors to join her squad. She and fellow competitor Sage Rosen performed a hip hop routine on the upcoming show. She made up to the top 30, but after executing a modern routine, she was eventually eliminated.

It is rumored that Inman has appeared on “Dance Moms” in addition to “So You Think You Can Dance.” She has disclosed that she was a standout cheerleader and received gymnastics training. Although her primary style of dance is hip hop, she is also skilled in ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and musical theater dances. She has participated in a number of competitions since her performance on “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.” With thousands of followers on Instagram, Inman is particularly active on the platform. She has joined the Los Angeles-based ImmaBEAST Dance Company in addition to continuing to be a member of the KAST Academy dance studio in Elk Grove.

Individual Life of Aniyah Inman

On March 23, 2002, Aniyah Inman was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her family relocated to California shortly after she was born, and she now lives there with her younger brother. Inman’s dream has always been to perform dance. She eventually began going to dance courses at KAST Academy, a dance studio in Elk Grove.

Net worth of Aniyah Inman

The estimated net worth of Aniyah Inman is about $1 million.