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Russian-German con artist Anna Delvey has defrauded banks and hotels out of about $275,000 by using false information. Before being detained in the fall of 2017, Anna tricked New Yorkers into believing she was a wealthy German socialite. After her incarceration, Anna’s fame soared after a piece about her was published in the biweekly magazine “New York.” Shonda Rhimes, a well-known TV producer, eventually bought the rights to the profile that the “New York” newspaper had published, and she later declared that she would be creating a Netflix Original series based on Anna’s story. The fact that a young woman had taken advantage of people’s love of money for her personal gain drew many people’s attention more than Anna’s objectives. In reality, authorities investigating Anna’s case have said that, but for their love of money, those who were defrauded by her could have avoided being defrauded.

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Early Childhood & Life

In 1991, Anna Delvey was born in Russia as Anna Sorokin. She attended a high school in Eschweiler, Germany, after her family relocated there when she was 16 years old. After graduating from high school in 2011, she enrolled at London’s Central Saint Martins Art School. But after a few months, she left the art school and went back to Germany.
Anna started working at the Berlin public relations (PR) agency where she interned after coming back to Germany. She relocated to Paris in 2013 and soon after was offered an internship with Purple, a renowned publication covering fashion and culture. She changed her name from Anna Sorokin to Anna Delvey after being accepted into the highly lucrative internship program.

New York City life

Anna took on a new identity as an affluent German heiress after changing her name. She then relocated to New York, pretending to be a wealthy woman with plans to start a new company there. She lured many into friendship by offering them money. Neffatari Davis, a concierge whom Anna made friends with by tipping her with $100 bills, was persuaded of Anna’s “wealthy background.” Neffatari claimed that Anna was acquainted with practically every member of New York’s affluent social set. There was no reason to mistrust Anna’s reliability because she was friends with well-known figures like Martin Shkreli and Macaulay Culkin.

In 2016, Anna attempted to obtain a $22 million loan from “City National Bank” by presenting a number of fictitious documents to the bank’s management. She stated that the financing was being used to launch her ideal business venture, a club akin to a “Soho House.” When she approached “Fortress Investment Group,” they demanded a charge of $100,000 to cover the cost of the due diligence. After successfully negotiating a $100,000 overdraft from “City National Bank,” Anna withdrew her $22 million loan request. She then spent $55,000 of the $100,000 she had received from the City National Bank on upscale lodging, dining, and shopping.

She attempted to deposit numerous bogus checks totaling $160,000 into her bank account in 2017. After telling her pals she would cover the cost of the trip, she later took a vacation to Marrakech. Instead, she forced a friend to pay her $62,000 while promising to pay it back, which she never did. Anna was detained in July after attempting to check out of the “Parker Meridien” hotel in New York without paying the bill. She was first accused of stealing services on three counts after failing to pay her hotel bills at the Parker Meridien, the W Downtown Hotel, and the Beekman Hotel.

Anna missed a court appearance in New York in September 2017, which led to another arrest. This time, she was detained on various grand larceny counts with alleged losses of about $275,000. She gained additional notoriety once the media started paying close attention to her case following her incarceration. 2018 saw the publication of Anna’s narrative in the “New York” magazine; Shonda Rhimes, a well-known TV producer, later bought the rights to the story.

Putting Anna on the screen

Even though Anna Delvey is currently chilling at Rikers, she appears to be becoming more well-liked. Her outrageous story of deceit and deception is being turned into a Netflix series, and people are not only talking about her exploits on social media. Neffatari Davis, Anna’s ‘friend,’ has actually signed a non-disclosure agreement that bans her from discussing her friendship with Anna. Jessica Pressler, a correspondent for the magazine “New York,” has agreed to a similar agreement. While a feature film based on Anna Delvey’s story is being discussed, the Netflix series will undoubtedly hit the screens. A number of actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence, are reportedly being considered to play Anna Delvey in a major motion picture.

Net Worth of Anna Delvey

The estimated net worth of Anna Delvey is around $1 million.