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‘Quand s’approfondit l’hiver’ (2010), ‘Because She’s Worth It’ (2012), and ‘Class’ (2015) are just a few of the films that Anna Romano, an American actor and cinematographer, has worked on. She is the spouse of Ray Romano, an actor, screenwriter, and stand-up comedian best known for the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond” and the “Ice Age” movie franchise. Anna Romano has been on her husband’s TV show together with other family members. In 2005 and 2009, she made two appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and in 2016, she appeared as a guest on an episode of “Patricia Heaton Parties.” Additionally, she has made cameo appearances in a few documentaries on her husband, including the ’60 Minutes’ documentary series. Anna, a breast cancer survivor, spends a lot of time and energy helping other cancer patients and survivors, together with her husband.

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Become a Star

Although she is married to the well-known actor and comedian Ray Romano, Anna Romano prefers to stay out of the spotlight. It is frequently credited to Anna—who formerly had a position as a banker in Queens, New York—that she helped her husband in his acting endeavors. In one episode of her husband’s popular television program, “Everybody Loves Raymond,” she also made a brief cameo as one of the mothers in the background. ‘Quand s’approfondit l’hiver,’ a 2010 short film, included her in an acting role. In addition, she received credit for shooting one episode of the television series “Class” in 2015 and the short film “Because She’s Worth It” in 2012.

On February 24, 1963, Anna M. Scarpulla, the actress behind Behind The Curtains, was born in New York City, New York, in the United States.

Connection to Ray Romano

Long before he became well-known in the entertainment sector, Anna Romano met her future husband Ray Romano in 1982. Both of them were employed at the Williamsburg Savings Bank in Queens, New York, at the time. Before Anna, Ray allegedly asked out two of their other coworkers, but they declined. She was the first woman to respond “yes,” and so they started dating. The following year, on October 11, 1987, the couple wed. Their first child, a daughter named Alexandra Romano, was born in 1990 thanks to Anna.

Following the birth of twin sons, Matt and Gregory, in 1993, the couple had Joseph Raymond Romano on February 16, 1998. The eldest three of their kids are already employed in the industry, and all of their kids have an interest in performing. Gregory and Alexandra, her son and daughter, have both made appearances on their father’s program, “Everybody Loves Raymond.” The 2006 movie “Ice Age: The Meltdown” from the “Ice Age” franchise featured voice acting by Matt and Gregory as well as their father, who provided the voice of Manny the Woolly Mammoth, one of the main characters. ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ (2012) features a character that Alexandra voiced.

Ray Romano is frequently requested by media outlets to explain the secret of a happy marriage because he and Anna have successfully completed more than three decades of marriage. He had previously stated to US Weekly in 2012 that he was content to wed someone outside of the entertainment industry. In the media, Ray frequently makes jokes about his wife’s bossiness and is well recognized for doing so. In 2010, Anna was given the ideal opportunity to contact him when Steve DiMarco, his golf instructor, offered to instruct her as part of “The Haney Project.” When she finally realized how much she was enjoying it, she grudgingly consented to go along with it. She even made a joke about how she might now accompany her husband on his private golf outings to irritate him.

Survivor of cancer

The doctor had discovered a discrepancy on Anna Romano’s right breast during a normal examination in October 2009. In February 2010, after a mammography and a biopsy, she was identified as having stage 1 invasive breast cancer. She was successfully cured within a couple of years by surgery and chemotherapy because the disease was identified at an early stage. During an interview with ‘People’ magazine in February 2012, she and her husband both made the information public. Her husband further disclosed that he and his wife had made the decision to tell the public about the incident in order to encourage and support women going through various stages of cancer.

The pair also engaged in charitable endeavors to support cancer patients and survivors. They worked along with the American-Italian Cancer Foundation in New York City and the Saban Free Clinic in Los Angeles, California to make sure that women who couldn’t afford the disease’s medical costs were taken care of and received proper care without accruing massive debts.

Net Worth of Anna Romano

The estimated net worth of Anna Romano is around $1 million.