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Joan Annabel Bowlen, née Spencer, is a former teacher and figure skater who is married to Patrick Dennis “Pat” Bowlen, the majority owner of the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. They met in Edmonton, Canada, and married after a brief relationship. Soon after, they moved to Denver, Colorado, where Pat purchased the local NFL club. It elevated the family’s social standing, elevating them to the ranks of the city’s elite. While Pat worked relentlessly to create the Broncos one of the NFL’s most dominant teams, Annabel focused her efforts on philanthropy. Cherish the Children Guild was created in 1998 after she learned about the Beacon Youth & Family Center. She has become more involved in the Broncos’ operations since her husband stepped down as CEO in 2014 due to the beginning and progression of Alzheimer’s illness.

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The Ascension to Notoriety

Annabel used to be a competitive figure skater. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education and physical education from the University of Alberta. She met Pat, the son of Paul Dennis Bowlen, a businessman who made his fortune in the Canadian oil business, while working as a figure skating trainer and teaching grade school pupils in Edmonton. Pat had established himself as a prominent lawyer in his own right.

They married and relocated to Denver, where he purchased the Broncos from former owner Edgar Kaiser Jr. in 1984 and transferred ownership to a family trust fund.

The Broncos won seven AFC and three Super Bowl championships during his tenure, making them one of the most successful teams in NFL history. Annabel was exposed to the Beacon Youth & Family Center about this time, and it became her favorite charity. Until 2011, she was the founder and President Emeritus of the Englewood agency’s philanthropic wing. Using her riches and resources, she reached out to her friends in Denver’s social elite and persuaded them to join and donate, reviving Beacon’s annual destination-themed fundraiser, the Cherish the Children Gala.

Pat had been suffering from short-term memory loss for a long time before speaking out about it in a 2009 interview. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014 and stepped down as CEO as a result. Annabel has gotten more involved with the squad as a result of this. As the public face of the team’s owners, she accepted the AFC Championship Lamar Hunt Trophy in 2016.

Personal Experiences of Annabel Bowlen

Annabel Spencer was born in 1956 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to retired British secretary Joan Spencer and her World War II pilot husband. Richard Spencer, Annabel’s brother, is the CEO and President of Spencer Environmental Management Services (est. 1984). Through Princess Diana, their family is linked to the British royal family.

Pat and she have five children: sons John and Patrick, as well as daughters Brittany, Annabel, and Christiana. Pat’s daughters Beth and Amie from his previous marriage to Sally Parker are her stepchildren. For the past 30 years, the family has lived in Denver.

Estimated Net Worth

She has a net worth of millions of dollars because she is the wife of a billionaire. However, as of 2022, her projected net worth is around $1 billion. Pat has a staggering net worth of $1 billion. Annabel has yet to receive any awards or honors.