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Rosario, Argentina
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Rosario, Argentina

Antonella Rocuzzo is an Argentinian model and dietician most known for her long-term relationship with Lionel Messi, the world’s best footballer. Antonella is the mother of two of his children and can be seen cheering him on from the stands. As the cliché goes, behind every successful man is a woman. Messi thinks this and has maintained that his game has improved significantly since Antonells entered his life for a significant half, as she functions as his support system through the tough times. Antonella is a model who has become a social media celebrity as a result of her stunning photos circulating the internet. She is presently pursuing her education as a dietitian, and she goes with her partner to the majority of his matches, as well as acting as a housewife at home.

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Childhood and Adolescence

Antonella Roccuzzo was born on February 26, 1988, in Rosario, Argentina, to Jose Roccuzzo, a businessman, and Patricia Blanko, a homemaker. Back in Italy, Antonella has two sisters, Paula and Carla Roccuzzo.

Antonella said that she and Messi were childhood friends and that she had known him since they were children. Antonella grew up and attended school in her hometown; nonetheless, she wanted to pursue a profession in nutrition but found herself drawn to modeling.

It was the outcome of her unwavering commitment to maintaining her physical well-being.
Antonella has stated that she was a shy youngster who didn’t have many friends and thus spent most of her childhood alone.

During his time as a professional, Messi would return to his hometown and spend time with his family.

Later in life, Antonella Roccuzzo worked as a model for a variety of items and is said to have been in a few films.

She dropped out of school in the middle of her studies when she moved in with Messi, but she returned to finish her degree later. In 2012, a couple of her bikini-clad photos became viral on social media.

Antonella’s Personal Experiences

After being friends for more than two decades, Lionel Messi and Antonella began dating in 2009. Messi had returned home for the holidays, and they began dating at that time.

Thiago and Mateo, the couple’s two sons, were born in a private ceremony in 2010. Messi has stated multiple times that he intends to marry Antonella in the near future, but only when the timing is appropriate.

Antonella is currently based in Rosari, although she frequently travels to Barcelona to meet her soon-to-be husband’ Messi.

Messi has admitted that he has always loved her but has never had the courage to ask her out. Only with the support of his cousin, Antonella’s best friend, was he able to accomplish this.

Despite having millions of followers, Antonella has kept her Instagram account private. She cites her shyness as the basis for her desire to live a solitary life.

She also isn’t very outspoken about her career, and the majority of it is unknown.

Estimated Net worth

Antonella Roccuzzo has a net worth of $20 million and is an Argentinean student and model.