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Arkansas, United States
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Arden Rose is well known for her comedic videos, beauty lessons, and advice videos. She recently launched two channels, one for gaming and the other for normal vlogs. She is also a producer and actress who has acted in several short films. Arden’s primary channel contains almost 400 videos. She has 1.4 million YouTube subscribers. She has a million Instagram followers and 556K Twitter followers, making her incredibly prominent on other social media platforms. In her YouTube videos, she collaborates with her boyfriend, who is also a well-known YouTuber. The majority of her videos are based on her own personal experiences. Her YouTube videos have around a billion views. She uploads weekly videos to her channel, which she refreshes on a regular basis. Her most successful video, ‘JennXPenn Is Pregnant?!,’ has over 3.3 million views and features her and her YouTube buddies making prank calls to mutual friends.

The Ascension to Stardom

Arden started watching videos on YouTube when he was in high school. Kennedy, a friend of hers, introduced her to YouTube. They’d watch a number of videos together. Arden considered starting his own channel when Kennedy did so. She started her YouTube page in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2009 that she started uploading her own videos. Her first video was a ‘MAC Haul.’ Arden, who is more reserved, discovered happiness on YouTube. It gave her confidence every time someone subscribed to her channel. Arose186 was the name of her initial channel, which she eventually changed to Arden Rose. Following the success of her first channel, she launched two further channels.

As she is a gaming geek, she has a channel dedicated completely to gaming named ‘Arose Games.’ This channel is relatively new, with approximately 22 videos and approximately 18K subscribers to date. She has also been accumulating a lot of subscribers on her vlog channel, ‘Arden Vlogs,’ where she has over 98K subscribers and has released roughly 78 vlogs. Arden also appeared in the TV series ‘Guidance’ and a short comedy film called ‘Occupy Alice’ in 2015. She also participated in the TV series ‘Mr. Student Body President’ in 2016. She’s even written a book called “Almost Adulting,” which will be released in March 2017.

What is it about Arden Rose that makes it so unique?

Arden is always brimming with vitality and hope. She is vivacious and attractive. Her inherent beauty has garnered her many admirers. In reality, she has counseled and assisted many women with physical acceptance as well as young girls with the turbulence of puberty. She has aided them in embracing their inner beauty and being really themselves. As a result, she has served as an inspiration to many. She has a lot of boys swooning over her, especially YouTubers. In her videos, she is genuine, confident, and does not put on a show. She is also an animal lover who is friendly and caring to those she comes into contact with.

Beyond the Notoriety

Arden is a video game fanatic. She grew up playing a lot of video games with her brother since she adores him. She enjoys playing games on her PlayStation 3. She has always been a dancer and an artist. In truth, she is a talented artist who has received numerous medals and awards at school for her efforts. She enjoys traveling and speaks French effectively. She also enjoys reading and recalls ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as her favorite book as a child. Worms terrify her, and she despises any parasites. She adores both cats and dogs.

Behind the Scenes

Arden was born in the state of Arkansas. She is the youngest of four children. Her brother is the oldest, followed by her sister Avery, Arden, and Harper, her younger sister. She is the closest to her brother and has admired him since she was a toddler. She was a tomboy growing up and so didn’t fit in with the other females in her class, who spent the majority of their time chatting about makeup and boys. As a result, she preferred to be alone and read books, as well as play a lot of video games.

Kennedy was Arden’s closest friend at school since she was the only one she could relate to. Kennedy moved, and she was left alone once more. She met Nicholas in high school; the two shared a passion for gaming and hit it off right away. Until they fell in love and started dating, they were just friends. Arden, on the other hand, had to relocate for college, and they had to break up due to the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Will Darbyshire came along when she began to focus on her YouTube business. They’ve been over heels in love since the moment they met and hope to start a family together.

Estimated Net Worth

Without a doubt, the multi-talented girl would amass a large sum of money. Her YouTube account has a total of 504 videos with a total of more than 132.9 million views. Every month, she produces two new videos on average. As a result, she has a net worth of roughly $74,000.


When she was a kid, she had a Tinkerbell bathing suit and a cat costume that she wore virtually every day of her childhood.