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Although you may only be familiar with Arlene Silver as Dick Van Dyke’s “kid bride,” she is more than that. Professional makeup artist Silver gained notoriety when she started dating the incredibly gifted and attractive actor Dick Van Dyke. Although this story of an actor falling in love with a makeup artist may seem commonplace, what made their relationship unique was the age gap. When they decided to go down the aisle together, their six years of dating served as support. Silver was half Dyke’s age at the time of their marriage, while Dyke was fourteen years away from becoming 100. Arlene and Dyke described their contentious yet endearing love tale by saying that “age becomes only a number when you sincerely fall in love.”

Become a Star

Professional makeup artist Arlene Silver appeared in several movies, including “Carolina,” “The Caretaker 3D,” and “The Men of Delta Farce Salute the Troops,” but she is best known for being Dick Van Dyke’s second wife. At the time of marriage, despite being over half Dick’s age, the two exchanged vows. They claim that Dyke and Silver first met during the banquet for the 2006 SAG Awards. Dyke approached her and walked over, drawn in by her charisma and charm right away. Dyke admitted during the “Oprah Show: Where They Are Now?” segment that he had never in his life approached an unknown woman. Interestingly, Silver knew little about him despite the fact that she knew he was the star of “Mary Poppins.”

Dyke hired Silver as his makeup artist in order to get closer to her. After some time, the two developed a friendship that eventually led to a deeper connection. Following six years of romance, they both decided to tie the knot. They didn’t give much thought to the 46-year age gap because Dyke jokingly referred to her as his “little bride.” He described the choice as “one of the wisest moves he’s ever made.” The two finally got hitched on February 29, 2012, which was leap day, in a quiet ceremony at a church in Malibu.

Behind the Scenes

In New York, USA, on September 21, 1971, Arlene Silver was born. Before traveling to California to finish her degree, she spent the majority of her formative years there. Prior to meeting Dyke, Silver had a career as a cosmetics artist. Before deciding to be married, they were together for six years. They exchanged vows on February 29, 2012. Despite being profoundly in love, their age gap attracted a lot of attention from the public.

Silver and Van Dyke are now developing a program for their marriage and home life. The couple occasionally permits camera crews to record them at home even though it is not a reality program. The program’s original goal was to highlight Dick’s life, but it has evolved into a depiction of their extraordinary relationship, which demonstrates that love knows no bounds.

Arlene Silver’s Net Worth

Along with her spouse, Arlene Silver has an opulent lifestyle. She is a resident of a lavish house filled with stunning furniture and cutting-edge technology. She also constantly maintains her home tidy and spotless. Let me tell you that she has a lot of expensive automobiles and other possessions.

Producers, advertising, and her employment as a makeup artist are among her sources of revenue. She prefers to shop in upscale malls where she may get pricey clothing. She earned a net worth of between US$1 million and US$2 million, roughly.