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American YouTuber Ash Hardell is well-known for her humorous videos, stop-motion animation pieces, and introspective vlogs on her channel. Hardell has become one of the most prominent LGBT voices on YouTube these days. Her “ABCs of LGBT+” series is a fascinating starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about the LGBT+ community. The YouTuber urges others to embrace who they are as they are, and she is proud of her sexual orientation. She also inspires them to communicate honestly and fearlessly. Ashley Hardell, formerly known as Ash Hardell, is currently wed to Grace. She has gone through a lot to finally become herself, from chopping off her magnificent locks to changing her identity and being married to a woman. In terms of her character, Hardell is a very direct and honest person. She is fundamentally amorous, modest, and upbeat.

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Ash Hardell Ascent to Fame

November 5, 2009 saw the inauguration of Ash Hardell’s self-titled YouTube account. She started by sharing an absurd music video that she and her friends made, and as soon as the video started getting likes, she became addicted. She has been posting humorous vlogs, stop-motion animation videos, and lifestyle vlogs on the social media site ever since. On her channel, Hardell has also posted accounts of her life. She frequently discusses her sexuality and the LGBT+ community because she is a queer person. She has also frequently worked with her partner to produce romantic vlogs and enjoyable challenges.

Ash Hardell’s channel has developed into a one-stop shop for anybody looking to learn more about the LGBT+ community today. As of November 2018, the number of subscribers is currently over 560,000. I Got Top Surgery and “Calling my Mom to Tell Her I’m Trans” are two of the channel’s most-watched vlogs. For everyone who identifies as transgender, they are a must-watch!

*AshAndGraceSPACE* is the name of the secondary channel that Ash Hardell manages. The YouTuber and her spouse offer normal vlogs on this channel, which was started on July 8, 2012. This channel currently has more than 108k subscribers. To just a few, Hardell has worked with numerous well-known YouTubers to date, including Andrew Huang, Dan Sweeto, and Andrew Quo.

Individual Life of Ash Hardell

On February 4, 1992, Ash Hardell was born in Minnesota, USA, under the name Ashley Mardell. Jimmy is the name of her younger brother. She changed her first name from Ashley to Ash after getting married to her longtime partner Grace in 2016.

Ash received a birthday greeting from Hannah Hart, one of her favorite YouTuber stars, in her “My Drunk Birthday!” video.

The net worth of Ash Hardell

The estimated net worth of Ash Hardell is about $1 million.