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When discussing American rock bands, one cannot help but bring up “New Years Day,” an astonishingly well-known rock group from Orange County that first appeared on the scene back in 2005. A mention of the main singer of the New Years Day band, “Ashley Costello,” is also necessary. She has been a part of the band since its start in 2005 and has established herself as a dependable member. It’s interesting to note that Costello and Drover had no idea this would become a big deal when Adam Lohrbach originally approached them. When they had the idea to start a band, they started writing and practicing songs about their difficult and painful relationship breakups. New Years Day was the band name picked as a representation of the new beginning that they all hoped and aspired for as a band, as funny as that may sound. Ashley Costello has made a significant impact to the band as the lead vocalist. With numerous significant EPs and full-length album releases to her name, including “Razor,” “My Dear,” “Headlines & Headstones,” “Victim to Villain,” and “Epidemic,” she has been continuously contributing to the band. The band’s most recent release, “Malevolence,” became their highest-charting album to date when it debuted at No. 45 on the Billboard 200. Because of her prominence within the group, publishing houses frequently refer to her as one of the “Hot Chicks in Hard Rock.”

Become a Star

One of the most well-known rock vocalists in the American music scene is Ashley Costello. She is the New Years Day rock band’s lead vocalist and the reason for their success on a global scale. Costello, Lohrbach, and Drover began by working on a few tunes informally. The group, calling itself the “New Years Day band,” began promoting itself on the social networking site MySpace and quickly rose to notoriety. The group was also included in the Saints Row video game soundtrack on the compilation CD MySpace Records, Volume 1. They then acquired a contract with TVT Records, and in 2006, they released their debut self-titled EP, “Razor.” The EP was marketed primarily as a digital release that could be downloaded, while CD hard copies were also offered to fans at live performances.

Several studio albums, including “My Dear” and “Victim to Villain,” were issued by Ashley Costello and the band in response to favorable reviews. The band did more than just put out records; they also went on a number of tours. First of all, they were a well-known participant in the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. 2013 saw Costello perform at Warped Tour alongside New Years Day, Andrew Velasquez, and the rest of Crown the Empire. But Costello and her band finally made the big step in 2015 when they were announced as the headliners of the summer’s Vans Warped Tour.

Their third album, “Malevolence,” was a huge success, which only enhanced their accomplishment. It peaked at No. 45 on the Billboard 200 and debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard rock chart. New Years Day, a band that has been around for more than ten years, has had several members join and leave throughout the years, including the band’s founder Adam Lohrbach, but Ashley Costello has been a constant motivator.

In the truest sense of the word, Ashley Costello is also a fashionista. She exudes charisma, wears provocative clothing, and has gorgeous red-black hair, which makes her a diva. You won’t be able to forget her after just one glance. Costello launched her own clothing line, Bat Royalty, thanks to her passion for fashion. Bat Royalty, a line created in conjunction with Iron Fist Clothing, has achieved popularity in the fashion industry. Hot Topics shops and online sold out of its first printing. Like her, her clothes have a sense of vigor and dynamism.

Individual Life of Ashley Costello

On February 21, 1985, in Anaheim, California, Ashley Costello was born. Little is known about her personal life, including her early years and family history. Costello attended Loara High School, the same college where her hero, Gwen Stefani, earned her education. Being a student at the same school as Stefani made Costello happy. Gwen Stefani was a role model for Costello since she was a young girl.

When she first saw “No Doubt,” she was barely 11 years old. She liked Stefani for her vocal prowess as well as her sense of style. She sincerely tried to replicate the magic in the future.

Regarding her romantic history, Ashley Costello had a relationship with bandmate Nikki Misery before beginning a relationship with Jimmy Trigger in August 2016.

Estimated net worth

Ash Costello’s net worth is $2 million. Ash Costello is an American singer. Ash Costello is best known as the rock band New Years Day’s main singer. In 2005, the band was founded in Anaheim, California. In 2007, they issued their first studio album, My Dear. Victim to Villain and Malevolence are albums released on New Years Day in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The EPs Demo from 2005, New Year’s Day from 2006, The Mechanical Heart from 2011, and Epidemic from 2014 were also released by the group. Myspace helped New Years Day gain popularity, and their most recent album peaked at number 45 on the Billboard 200 chart. They refer to their style of music as “Hauntedmansioncore,” which is a combination of rock and roll and The Haunted Mansion.