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A British YouTuber named Ashley Mariee Surcombe is well-known for the gaming-related videos she uploads to her channel. Ashley publishes live video games, such as “Let’s Plays,” “Hunger Games,” “Mod Showcases,” and all significant “Minecraft” server games. She has more than 650K subscribers to her YouTube account. Ashley also publishes daily vlogs, question-and-answer, and storytime videos in addition to gaming videos. She’s been to a lot of video conventions. She also has a growing fan base on the photo-sharing website Instagram, where she has more than 605K followers.

YouTube Career of Ashley Mariee Surcombe

Ashley began using YouTube while she was in her mid-teens. She was serving customers at a nearby restaurant at that time. She was inspired to post gaming videos on YouTube by her fascination with video games. She launched her YouTube channel, “AshleyMarieeGaming,” in 2016. Especially on the Minecraft server, she played video games in several of her early videos. She transitioned to other games like the multiplayer shooting video game “Overwatch” as she gained skill and exposure.

Additionally, Ashley has shared vlogs about each video convention she has gone to. She is eager to expand her channel by adding more vlogs in the future. Ashley’s 2017 was ordinary because she was unable to provide high-caliber content. Her current goals are to diversify her channel and raise the caliber of her videos. She might also start creating travel vlogs.

Individual Life of Ashley Mariee Surcombe

On March 6, 1996, Ashley Mariee Surcombe was born in Cyprus. Later, she and her family relocated to England. Ashley has an elder sister as well as a twin sister. She is not in contact with her two other half-brothers. She experienced bullying in primary school from her classmates.

Simon Edward Minter, also known as Mini meter, a fellow YouTuber, and Ashley were said to be dating.

Ashley enjoys getting inked, and she has numerous tattoos over her body. She also enjoys coloring her hair.

Ashley enjoys traveling and has visited many different nations. She aspires to travel the world. Florida is her favorite state in the USA. Ashley reads a lot as well. She enjoys reading fantasy fiction when she isn’t producing videos. Deathly Hallows is her favorite book in the Harry Potter series. She can watch “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” over and over again as her all-time favorite film.

She had a black and white cat as her first pet, but it escaped. She chose to get rid of the cats since she is allergic to dust. She currently owns a dog named “Kensie.” She is a unicorn fan.

Pokemon Sapphire is Ashley’s all-time favorite video game. She enjoys watching anime, with “Lucy” from “Fairytale” being her favorite character.

Ashley bites her nails frequently and suffers from claustrophobia. She despises flying insects.

Spicy rice cakes from Korea are her favorite cuisine. She truly detests the taste of chocolate and red velvet cake and prefers the flavor of vanilla cake. Red is her favorite color.

Ashley is a tremendous fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar, a well-known actress. Ashley regards Sarah as her idol and would love the opportunity to collaborate with Sarah on a video.

Although she has acknowledged in one of her videos that she is bisexual, she is eager to start dating a man.

Ashley has a basic command of Korean, Spanish, French, and Cypriot.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Ashley Mariee Surcombe is about $1 million.