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Ashley Nocera is an American athlete, YouTuber, Instagram celebrity, and WBFF pro bikini model. She became well-known on social media due to her amazing body and placed in the top five worldwide in the WBFF bikini competitor rankings. Nocera was a lively youngster. She started swimming at the age of four, and she competed in different swimming events for the next ten years. She competed in and won her first fitness competition in 2014, the WBFF NYC Championships, at the age of 19. Ever since she has competed in the yearly WBFF World Championships several times and has consistently placed in the top 10. She was already well-known on the internet by 2016. She currently has roughly 80,000 followers on Facebook and about 3 million followers on Instagram. She uses YouTube frequently as well. Nocera has amassed an astounding number of subscribers and millions of views on her main channel, which bears her name.

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Career of Ashley Nocera

When Ashley Nocera first started working out, her boyfriend Alex Sharoykin gave her advice. She had given up swimming at the time and was trying to get more muscle. Sharoykin, who had played football and basketball on the varsity teams, was a great resource for information and a helpful mentor when she first began going to the gym.

Nocera worked out for hours every day at the gym for three years. She worked out with weights, used exercise machines like the stepmill and the treadmill, and kept up a healthy diet. Her perseverance and hard work paid off in 2013 when she finally achieved the figure she had always wanted for the first time. She was passionate about fitness by that point and wanted to compete in fitness events.
The next year, Nocera, then nineteen, competed in the WBFF NYC Championships. She has never participated in any competitive fitness competitions before this one. She was inexperienced, yet she did well in the tournament and took first place. It also signaled the start of her professional bikini athlete career.

Nocera was automatically qualified for the 2014 WBFF Las Vegas World Championships because she had won the competition in New York. Even though she was not the winner this time, she placed seventh overall. She would return in 2015 and place fifth there as well.

In 2016, she took the social media world by storm. She receives thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of views on each of her Instagram photos. In August 2014, she uploaded her debut video to her newly named YouTube channel, which she had created in June of the same year. Her channel has rapidly risen since then. With more than five million views, “10K Calorie Challenge | Girl VS food | Epic Cheat Day | Ashley Nocera” is the most-watched video on her channel. She has a food channel as well, although she hasn’t posted anything new there recently.

Individual Life of Ashley Nocera

On August 15, 1994, Ashley Nocera was born in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Gregg Nocera, her father, and his father before him are bodybuilders. She has included both of her parents in her social media posts. Her sister is younger than her.

Nocera’s family has always encouraged her to be physically active since she was little. She began swimming in 1999 when she was four years old, and during the next ten years, she competed in several swimming events. She was an avid athlete, but she never made an effort to eat a balanced diet, and by the time she turned 15, she began to feel self-conscious about her appearance. She was dissatisfied with her appearance and did not have the figure she desired.

Nocera claims that she has always adored and aspired to look like the attractive women in fitness publications. She soon got her first gym membership and began to focus on her physical appearance. She faced a lot of criticism in the first few months from those who knew her well, but she continued on her journey, believing that one day she would fulfill her ambition.

Sometime in 2009, she started dating Alex Sharoykin, another prominent figure on social media. It was Nocera who initially contacted them after they connected on Facebook. She friended Sharoykin after finding his profile on her list of “recommended friends.” They decided to meet in person when he accepted. After around three months, they had formally begun dating. They were both Wagner College students in New York. He was majoring in business marketing, while she was studying nursing. Nocera earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing science in May 2017. She worked in a hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit throughout her final two years of college. In August of that year, she disclosed on YouTube that she had chosen to pause her studies to “breathe and catch up with everything.” She did, however, also mention that she intended to take the NCLEX exam soon.

The net worth of Ashley Nocera

The estimated net worth of Ashley Nocera is about $1 million.