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Ashlund Jade is a well-known social media figure with a variety of talents, including singing, dancing, acting, and modeling. Ashlund has a YouTube channel with the same name where she publishes cover songs of well-known songs. Ashlund worked for a few big corporations before becoming famous. She currently works with “DreamWorks Pictures,” and the renowned production company where she publishes her cover version videos. In 2017, Ashlund took part in the reality program “The Pop Game.” In addition to acting in a few miniseries and TV movies, Ashlund Jade has modeled for a number of upscale companies.

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The Story of Success

Ashlund always had a strong desire to sing and dance. She had a childhood fantasy of becoming a well-known pop artist. Ashlund enrolled at a performing arts school in the hopes of realizing her ambition and making her love her career. She quickly picked up on the subtleties of playback singing. Additionally, Ashlund’s vocal training assisted her in understanding the different singing styles needed to succeed as a pop singer.

Along with going to the singing lessons, she continued her dance instruction. In 2015, Ashlund launched her own YouTube channel when she felt ready to share her talent. Ashlund’s choice worked, and her second video, a cover of the Echosmith song “Cool Kids,” became viral as soon as it was uploaded. More than a million people saw the video in its first few months.

Ashlund became one of YouTube’s most promising vocalists as a result of the success of her cover version. Some of her later renditions, including Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” and Meghan Trainor’s “Lips are Movin,” have received a sizable amount of views. She also sang renditions of Meghan Trainor’s songs “NO” and “Me Too.” Ashlund choreographed the cover of the song “Lean On,” while DreamWorks Pictures, one of the major production companies, handled the video’s production.

Ashlund started releasing videos of her picture assignments after moving to California to seek a modeling career a year later. Ashlund participated in a picture shoot in Redondo Beach for “Showstopper Magazine” as well as for a number of high-end brands.

Ashlund gave a performance at the Creator Viewer Experience (CVX) Live in August 2017, a live gathering for the supporters of online media makers. A month later, she embarked on a live performance tour with numerous well-known social media stars, including Brooklyn and Bailey.

Then Ashlund began to upload a range of videos to her channel, which had previously been jam-packed with solely songs and dance routines. She started sharing vlogs on trips, birthdays, and Christmas as well as cosmetic tutorials. She also shared other challenging films that were popular online.

There are numerous Ashlund music videos on the “DreamWorks” YouTube channel. She took part in “The Pop Game,” a talent competition hosted by renowned music producer Timbaland, in 2017. She faced forth against vocalists like Grant Landis and Cravetay in the competition. Although she was unable to win the contest, she nevertheless managed to make a lasting impression with the incredible performances she gave throughout the course of the tournament.

She has a great chance to become well-known in the acting world as well. She is well on her way to becoming a successful actor. Ashlund has participated in a few TV movies and miniseries. She played the younger version of Dinah in her first miniseries, “The Red Tent,” which was released in 2014. Ashlund had a brief appearance in the TV movie Galyntine that same year. In a 2017 episode of the program “Giggles Talk,” she made an appearance dressed as herself.

Ashlund has worked in the corporate world in addition to the entertainment industry. Ashlund started working for “American Express,” “AMC,” and “Lifetime” to help maintain her finances.

Individual Life of Ashlund Jade

On February 16, 2003, Ashlund Jade was born in Utah, America. Two of her younger brothers helped her grow up alongside them. Ashlund has not given much information about her background or her education.

Regarding her romantic situation, there are rumors that she is seeing a man. Ashlund has frequently been seen with this unknown individual. Additionally, they frequently share some of their photos on their individual Instagram profiles.

Estimated net worth

Ashlund Jade’s income is unknown, although he is said to be valued between $1 million and $5 million.