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Popular singer, rapper, and social media personality Asian Doll. Her albums “Drippin in Glo” and “Rise of Barbie Doll Gang” helped her become well-known. Kill Bill, Vol.1, her debut album, reached number one on the US Billboard. On Instagram and Twitter, she has amassed more than 490,000 and 30,000 followers, respectively. She has worked on numerous projects with illustrious celebrities. Asian Doll has gained notoriety for reasons unrelated to music. Many of her contemporaries, like Cuban Doll and Bali Baby, have been at odds with her. She has additionally drawn criticism for her peculiar features and cheery attire. She remains a role model for people hoping to succeed in the rap and hip-hop industries, nevertheless.

Career of Asian Doll

Asian Doll began her career in music while still a student. It all started when one of her classmates put her self-written rap on tape. The song quickly became popular, not only among her classmates but the entire school.
This inspired her to turn her attention to her recently discovered gift. She had chosen a career by the time she entered high school. However, she had numerous challenges as a result of her parents’ lack of support for her decision. Her father vehemently disagreed with her choice of the profession since he thought she should concentrate on her schooling and go for a safe career path.

But Asian Doll stuck to her guns and went with her gut. She opted to drop out of high school and focus only on music. With the release of her album “Rise of Barbie Doll Gang,” Asian Doll began her musical career. The record was made available on December 16, 2015.

Another album by Asian Doll, titled “Drippin in Glo,” was published in 2016. Her admirers enjoyed the record and it became fairly popular. She released “Project Princess Vol. 1” by the year’s conclusion. Lil Mister, a rapper best known for his hit “Chiraq State of Mind,” saw her growing notoriety. He eventually got in touch with Asian Doll and worked on many of his projects with her. Since then, the musician has worked as a producer on numerous albums and extended plays by Asian Doll. She released two additional albums in 2017. After releasing the album “Outtaspace,” she followed it up in August with “Kill Bill, Vol. 1,” her second album of the year.

Asian Doll has become a well-known figure in the hip-hop community. Currently, she is working on a couple of projects that could involve her working with musicians like PnB Rock and Kodak Black. It should be mentioned that she has previous experience working with PnB Rock.

Controversies of Asian Doll

Hip hop musicians frequently engage in catfights and verbal altercations, and Asian Doll is no exception. Despite all the positive developments in her career, there have also been a lot of controversies.

After being friends and coworkers with Cuban Doll for several days, Asian Doll made some derogatory remarks about her in public. Later, she said that she had done it on purpose and claimed that Cuban Doll had insulted her because of her race. When Asian Doll was younger, Cuban Doll made fun of her dark complexion and made stupid comments about how she looked. When questioned about it, Asian Doll responded by pointing. She also engaged in a similar verbal altercation with Bali Baby.

Criticism & Image

Throughout her career, Asian Doll has maintained a mystifying demeanor. She is quite nice to her peers, but the very next minute, she might be seen using derogatory comments towards them. She has received criticism for dressing like Nicki Minaj on numerous occasions for her appearance. In addition, many contend that in those odd clothes and wigs, she lacks Nicki’s grace. She has also drawn criticism for acting irresponsibly when speaking in front of an audience.

Individual Life of Asian Doll

Born on June 26, 1997, Asian Doll. Asian Doll was forced to travel all across the country beginning in her early years. She spent her first few days in Los Angeles before subsequently relocating to cities like Texas and Atlanta. She aspires to collaborate with celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Estimated Net Worth

Based primarily on the estimated $136,500 salary and income Asian Doll earned as a rapper, we project her current net worth to be $565,000.